Salford 12th June 2018 Cognitive act of great effort noting and transferring the idea and vision carefully to canvas using colourful media equal care given to the objects around the main subject not forgetting the sun or the sky taking attention to each shade of blue transferred reality is – there’s plenty of them asContinue reading “Concentration”


#coloryourworld #cyw #magenta A mix up in the paint factory tween two pots of paint led to a discussion in the art class   Blue and red merged into purple – or pink ? a colour for red grapes ? it made students think   Politically Neutral – Neither Red or Blue the Greens andContinue reading “Magenta”

Raw sienna

#coloryourworld #cyw #rawsienna Valuable pigment from the Tuscan hills, your golden tones are a sight to see a valued commodity … from deep in the ground many an Italian master painter 👩‍🎨 would have you there on their paint 🎨 palette but it’s not gold that sets off your cherished demand like pyrites of old,Continue reading “Raw sienna”


interior   2nd January 2017 It’s that place away from the winter weather, never understated – because it’s yours tables and chairs in the kitchen-cum-diner, settee and TV in the lounge each room containing its own mark made by you rugs with interesting patterns laid on hard wood floors intrinsic patterns that took an age toContinue reading “Interior”

Paint the day with colour

Take up your brush and paint the sky a brilliant pastel blue. Add in a warm yellow sun and fluffy white clouds too, add in a horizon – a building or two! Colour your seas an aqua blue and if you want , or if you wish add some big silvery fish On your shorelineContinue reading “Paint the day with colour”

Scribbles in Notebooks

Pens and Pencils Salford , 18th July 2016 “Just a humble little scribble from my notebooks” I like writing and drawing, and though i’ll never be the next big thing when it comes to these artforms – I still find them helpful in my never ending mission to concentrate the mind.     Whenever i’mContinue reading “Scribbles in Notebooks”

Hidden Intentions

Conceal A piece of prose by the author, in response to the Prompt   What is that hiding behind your back ? Something you do not want seen – hidden away Who’s that for ?  What’ve you bought now? Your face reveals nothing but a beaming smile Clues abundant – around the house Icing sugar and poster paintContinue reading “Hidden Intentions”