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  • Sample

    #Fowc #Sample Simple little things A Selection of Colours to help you Make a decision what you want on your wall Perhaps a blue, a green, or maybe a bright zingy orange Looks you can ponder over – before committing to the tin Expect some debate – but these will save you some money

  • Portrait of yourself

    #Napowrimo with a nod to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt! It’s a funny thing the colours seem right but your eyes seem bulgy and your nose sits like a pyramid in the centre of your face shredded wheat beard to go with shredded wheat hair and a grin like a Cheshire cat The artist […]

  • Brush


    #WWP #Brush bringing a splash of colour to the white canvas reds blues and greens mingle creating something most pleasing to the donors eye artist imagination (or perhaps water) – the only obstacle to transferring the vision to the board Making a mess ? he doesn’t think so all art is subjective when you look […]

  • Moodboard


    #MLMM #Photochallenge Feet firmly placed on Fresh Formulated Marble Floor Filling the next stage of the Fabulous makeover of the house For inspiration – trinkets and memories recorded, Four walls waiting for ideas to be transposed

  • Renovate


    #fowc #renovate I When the owners left the house looked a little delapidated distressed unloved II Old paint on the walls hardly a picasso showed what needed changing for the better decoration III Electricals changed Gas men took a visit while new paint hit freshly sugar – soaped walls IV No Carpet – but Rugs […]

  • Brush

    #SoCS #Brush Bringing a touch of colour to the paper Reds through to violet as it passes through the brilliant white Upmost care taken – not to cross any of the bands Should they seep into the colour next door Hairs of the brush given a good soak after the artwork’s complete

  • Brush

    #fowc #brush Built from an animals hair Relaying the colours of the rainbow, from palette to canvas Upward and downward movement, bringing objects into view , while Sweeping movements give an element of speed Held in the hand of the master, that’s quite a picture that’s brought to life

  • Concentration

    Salford 12th June 2018 Cognitive act of great effort noting and transferring the idea and vision carefully to canvas using colourful media equal care given to the objects around the main subject not forgetting the sun or the sky taking attention to each shade of blue transferred reality is – there’s plenty of them as […]

  • Paint 🎨

    Paint proud little toddler, parades his masterpiece as mum and dad peruse the aftermath in consideration, there really is more colour on the paper and not the wall, now scattered in the maestros colours together they smile…as the soapy water will be out after bedtime

  • Magenta


    #coloryourworld #cyw #magenta A mix up in the paint factory tween two pots of paint led to a discussion in the art class   Blue and red merged into purple – or pink ? a colour for red grapes ? it made students think   Politically Neutral – Neither Red or Blue the Greens and […]