Octpowrimo – Seeing

#Octpowrimo #Seeing Look down the path – and what do you see ? cascade of colours moved by the autumn breeze or cold bare branches, bending in the wind ? I can see an opportunity to be the first person through the leaves – before the snow 🙂

The Journey

#writephoto #thejourney Salford (via Rochdale and Oldham), 17th August 2019 a tale of a rambler , by inky for the writephoto challenge He went a walk with an empty backpack and staff off to get a loaf of bread many hadn’t heard from him for days, some even thought him dead For his boot printsContinue reading “The Journey”


Hike An original piece of poetry by yours truly, It originally appeared on the Pages of Allpoetry.com but i’ve added a few lines and decided to share the new copy with the wordpressors – Hope you like it His multi layered coat is on his back kinder scout area…. can expect an attack He’s beenContinue reading “Hike”

Careful Now

Gingerly Got to admit, that first layer of frost on the ground In-stills me with an air of trepidation Not exactly fear, but as you make your way from here to there Going across the icy surfaces Expect a slip or slide or two – especially by the Roadside pavements where Jack frost refuses toContinue reading “Careful Now”


impression Salford (Via Llandudno), 14th June 2017 Four sets of feet walking in line on the beach As you follow the line of footprints Patterns begin to emerge as footprints snake from east to west smaller feet seemingly running rings around the big ones but as we reach the end of the walk these littleContinue reading “Impression”

Sea green

#coloryourworld #cyw #seagreen I walked out on the sea toward ocean blue the fish 🐟 they were keen they followed me too   waves gently moving from sea onto shore minnows circling round my feet on the sea floor   and out there in the shallows the waters light blue green a gem of crystalContinue reading “Sea green”

Same country, different county

New Horizon 9th December 2016 Photograph taken on a cold day in Warwickshire. And another view taken from a hill. A different horizon to what i’d usually see of a morning – the waterside metropolis of Salford Quays in Greater Manchester (or if you’re a purist – Lancashire) The Location Hartshill Hayes country park, nearContinue reading “Same country, different county”

Echoes of the past

Echo Maybe it was the fact – I knew the way, Edging to go down this way and not the other way I knew Moments recalled – at the sight of an Old rusting metal fence, encircling bright shiny new towers Recollections of a time – a place of learning was here In which i’dContinue reading “Echoes of the past”

Take it to the bridge

In response to the daily post prompt Bridge Salford, Saturday 29th October 2016     Wonderful pieces of engineering traversing the great canal waterway passing across them on a daily basis I marvel at the way they work Some, they lift until weights stop, and some turn round as ferry anchors drop but without themContinue reading “Take it to the bridge”