Fizz bomb

#coloryourworld #atomictangerine the atomic tangerine 🍊 dropped into the pool of clear hot water 💦 Reactions to the spheres arrival as it nose dived into the blue were instantaneous…. Little children 👶 smiled away not it in the way it fizzed away Like orangeade exploding into the blue but  mostly how its scent originally meantContinue reading “Fizz bomb”

Out of Sight, and Out of Mind

A poem by Brian F Kirkham in response to the Daily Prompt Pungent That dirty little secret, hiding in plain view has built up over time now It isn’t something new.   No one is going to find it (Deodorant Masks it you know) But those tales that you’ve been telling the secrets going to blow!Continue reading “Out of Sight, and Out of Mind”