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  • The Whiff

    The Whiff

    You hadn’t a clue what you were buying till your nose grabbed the whiff coming down the lane Cooking away in the finest of fats Chunky chipped potato and the finest fish caught this morning But it wasn’t these fragrances grabbing you by the nosehairs more the delightful smell of vinegary vapors travelling through the […]

  • Beefburgers

    Balanced Exquisitely between two halves of Extremely seeded sunflower buns Fully loaded beef patties, grilled to perfection Backed up with fried onion, lettuce and tomatoes Under the bap … sauces of your choosing, Right royal mix of ketchup, mustard and mayo Granted you don’t have to have all three and Everybody knows the gherkin is […]

  • Utilize / Utilise

    #Fowc #Utilize #Utilise Sat in the hotel dining room waiting for his bacon and eggs to be dished up he works on an impromptu masterpiece his models not as picky as usual but they’re the stars of this pre-breakfast show while the main act is getting ready