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Purple Mountains


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Derwentwater, Keswick,  Lake district, UK

There’s something almost magical

about the Lake water here at sunset

I don’t know myself – what it might be

but as the sun pops down behind trees

the hills and the water take on a purple like hue

bring out colours of heathers that’s grew

up on the hillsides where the flocks of herdwick sheep

are resting till morning, quite sound asleep

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Roman Remains at Oludeniz , Turkey in Watercolour by B.F.Kirkham



Salford, Sunday 29th January 2017

A Watercolour painting of the Roman ruins at Oludeniz, Turkey

Mum and Dad were out of the house this weekend, visiting my little sister and her family,

A marathon session of CSI, NCIS and FA Cup football were planned – and went very well,

(Manchester Utd winning 4-0 on the big tv)

but in between times, i’ve been painting scenes from old holiday snaps and diaries

Rough pencil marks guided me around the page as i blocked out the scene in paint.

Colours used on this one –

Cerelean Blue for the sea,

Burnt Umber for the sand

Sap Green for the plants on the path

Vermillion, Burnt Umber, Crimson and Yellow Ochre for the bricks


Cat Watercolour.jpg
Cat (alt title : Marmalade) By Brian F Kirkham

Pencil sketch of cat water coloured by the Artist

Sap Green was used for the Cats eyes

Vermillion , Burnt umber and Crimson for the Cats Fur

Eyes and mouth detail were painted in camp black

Background painted in Cerulean Blue



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Salford, Via Buttermere and the rest of the Lake District, UK

Tuesday 17th January 2017 


Carved out by the glaciers atop of the earth

the angels tears amassed filling a mighty hole

did some great giant leave the tread of his boots here ?

only the creator could answer that

Seeds grow trees around the teardrops

Nice place for a stroll say the birds in the trees

“Come and have a picnic” say the big hills

“Feel free to visit…”, “we’re here all year!”

BASIC Learning Photography

Behind the Camera Again…

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, Lancashire

5th October 2016

My Humble little Bridge Camera – Used at BASICs Camera Group

With Summer Holidays over, the BASIC Camera group met up at our base at the Brain and Injury Centre in Salford

Some of us were still away, but this allowed our brilliant tutor Maggie to discuss with those present what we were to cover in the run up to Christmas

The lessons have allowed those who attend it to use their skills and abilities, and so far we’ve created some brilliant pieces – some of which are on this blog!

Together we agreed to concentrate on Weather, Landscapes and Backgrounds – returning to other sessions when we do stuff on the computer, hence we will be concentrating on using photo software like photoshop commencing next week.

Fingers crossed – we may do something Festive in December – but I’m just looking forward to learning some new stuff on Photoshop.




Behind the Camera

Salford, 24th May 2016

Regular readers of my blog, will know i’ve been taking photography classes at the Brain and Spinal injury centre in Salford , Manchester (UK)

Over the past few months i’ve learned a number of techniques – from setting up still life images with a number of objects, to Garden and Landscape photography

I’ve even worked on Close up and Abstract photography in a number of places using my three cameras….I’m particularly proud of my lighting effects from a coffee cup

Lights from a coffee cup (BASIC, 2015) Brian F Kirkham.

I particularly like taking Landscape shots, as i don’t see the greenery much living close to Manchester City Centre (Unless i go on an excursion)



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Lakeland Landscape

in response to the weekly photo challenge Landscape

(Photograph : (c) 2007 Brian F Kirkham)


Lakeland Harbour and Hills, Penrith, Cumbria

I was looking out for the fluffy white clouds in the Cumbrian Skies – but got a lovely view of the hills from this viewpoint.

Blue skies and wonderful scenery – a lovely place to take a break – tranquil and relaxing.