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  • Path

    #Octpowrimo #Nature #Path Perhaps, you’d call it rocky. but on a warm Summer’s Day there was nothing better to getting out from the heat of the day – trees providing perfect cover

  • Colours of Autumn

    #Acer #Nature #Colours You can tell when summers ending by looking in our back yard as the bright green leaves of the Acer tree have already started to change by the turning of green to yellow start of autumn sees a lack of green ink as the yellow turns red on the leaves the birds […]

  • Walking the dog

    Walking the dog

    When you’re walking man’s best friend, it’s always important to let him take the lead from time to time keep up with him, and give him the run of the park it’ll make him want to head back home eventually – even though he’s done this routine from sunrise to sunset.

  • Jubilee

    #Queen #Jubilee #Celebration They’re putting up the bunting sandwiches cut and filled creating some special creations serving fruit drinks nice and chilled and they’re doing this in celebration for the monarch’s anniversary day and after scoffing the tasty picnic out in the gardens they’ll play as music and performance are played in the park and […]

  • The Circles we walk

    The Circles we walk

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub Cheers to Jacqueline @ Writeclub for the prompt! I suppose its the direction of travel guided by the earth itself moving wheels round a orbital road with spokes heading off around to the nearest city, village or town on foot the directions a little bit longer but it makes the traveller a little […]

  • Off on a Walk

    #Christmas #Dog #Walk Cooped up inside He tried his best to enjoy the festivities Reality is – despite playing with all his toys Indoors isn’t where he wanted to be So, he persuaded his owner To take him for a walk over the Mossy greens of the local park where A host of trees and […]

  • Emerging


    #Writephoto #Emerging Everybody – keep calm may as it seen – it looks like a giant coming through the wall every forester knows who it is – its Pan! reviving the trees and preparing them for autumn green grasses being pushed up by his fingers it might come as a shock – but hes a […]

  • Gander

    Guard your picnic lunches as here they come – in packs again necks peering over bags, looking for delicacies they can happily chomp on expect a bit of trouble – as there will be a ruckus tween feathered friends – over the prize

  • Community


    #Writephoto It takes a lot to build a town it’s not just bricks and mortar but all those little things you occasionally take for granted The corner shop The Lollipop Man The local school doing the best they can The Bin Men keeping the local streets clean and the local parks and gardens green while […]

  • Slope


    The golf pro landed the ball downhill all seemed well that was until aided by the grass or on its own perhaps by wind it was blown down the slope , and into a trap into the sand, in a moments snap the ball was rescued by his sand wedge only to find its self […]