What lies beneath

#writeclub #whatliesbeneath #napowrimo I In the Garden Guarded by Gnomes under the depths of your lawn flower bulbs lie sleeping awaiting the first rays of spring II A little bit deeper you’ll come across sand, soil and clay and perhaps some tesserae from a roman dwelling or villa Coins from a market , eating ironsContinue reading “What lies beneath”

What’s behind the door?

#writeclub Stuff.…. Stuff you stored away for a rainy day Stuff with its own character Stuff that’s lived a life That thinggummy-bob that you spent an arm and a leg for that oh-so crucial job now resting by a desk a desk laiden with boxes and tins holding chips and sprockets, nuts and bolts anContinue reading “What’s behind the door?”

Anything with chips

Charles George William Dupree is a funny little kid – his parent’s agree he’ll eat breakfast and dinner – without any fuss but there’s something the doctors need to discuss Why little Charlie will eat all on his plate if only there’s a helping of chips to wait Now fish and chips are whats calledContinue reading “Anything with chips”

Every kind of potato

How’d you like your spuds ? , lass, I say, How’d you like your spuds Boiled or Mashed ? Baked or fried with spices and vinegar liberally applied ? Perhaps you’ll like them roasted with herbs or chilli scattered served alongside a lovely fish thats been breaded or perhaps battered Maybe you’ll eat em inContinue reading “Every kind of potato”

A la Carte

I When i was little i called them wiggly worms they were served up on toast and they were covered in tomato nowadays they’re a base for all kinds of topping Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette II Freshly caught from the sea steamed till its just falling apart and served up with parsley or lemon butterContinue reading “A la Carte”

Chips by the beach

#childhood #beach #memories #Blackpool Childhood reminiscences held by a moment in grease proof paper positioned in a way – that seagulls didn’t spot the hidden treasures barmcakes by Blackpool prom ? yearly occurance – on the days they’d be testing the lights toasty hot – fresh out of the fryer helpings of salt and vinegarContinue reading “Chips by the beach”


#Slampoetry #writeclub A piece of slam poetry written for the Monday Writeclub…. Passing down the road,he seemed such a gent,and then – passing a bin – a deliberate act,created reactions – obvious fact –A Michelin man – bobble hat and allabout to see his value falloff to the match, with his fish and chips –asContinue reading “Messi/Messy”


#Writeclub #Slampoetry Todays attempt at slam poetry, created in the on-line session of #writeclub Passing down the road,he seemed such a gent,and then – passing a bin – a deliberate act,created reactions – obvious fact –off to the match, with his fish and chips –as soon as the last whole chip passed his lips –fallingContinue reading “Dropped”

Ode to a fish slice

Salford, 17th May 2020 The latest challenge to members of the write club Write a poem on a kitchen utensil……i did mine on a fish slice Oh noble utensil Rescuer of the friday night supper As the chips cook under the lights under the grill Note as you look after your charge Guiding it aroundContinue reading “Ode to a fish slice”