Memories of a Tabby Cat

Salford, 23rd October 2019 #Octpowrimo #cat #Memories They called you crazy – but you were quite a character, king of the garden and the dining room floor ignoring the cat food – for sardines or cod and eating fish batter – which I found rather odd got into a fuss if little ones picked youContinue reading “Memories of a Tabby Cat”

In Other Words – Delicious

A five line response to the picture provided for the prompt by Patricia’s Place @ perfectly pampered puddytat ponders whats for tea perhaps chicken or pork, or maybe – beef ? his belief – but today his wish is a big plate of fish


#CYW #Bluegreen Tuesday 6th August 2019 By the time we reached the Island lagoons – of blue green came into view under these waters – fish and turtles enjoying a paddle in the waters glassy waters lapping up against the shore resting in crevices of resident rocks each one giving a home to eager youngContinue reading “Blue-green”


Salford, 4th July 2019 #Fowc #Aquarium #Fish A picture of the underwater world quorums of fish meet up in view of human eyes under temperature controls as schools of fish travel around richly seeded beds of coloured gravel in search of the fish food, hidden under each pebble and on each sunken artifact moving quicklyContinue reading “Aquarium”

Bag O’Sweets

Open up your bag and round a quarter of sweets for half a pound a drumstick lolly that’s hard to beat lemon drops for a special treat chocolate footballs and fizzy drops the magic candy that fizzes and pops cola bottles and sherbet tubes candied shrimps and pineapple cubes Now , don’t eat them allContinue reading “Bag O’Sweets”

Memories of a glass bottomed boat

Rhodes, 18th October 2018 Watched with intent As Mediterranean blue Mixed with Aegean aqua Travelling over waves As crabs met tentacles Admiring the land lubbers Shellfish communicate with conch The shows about to start As hermit crabs scuttle towards the bigger fish In an instant they appear Waving a fin or a tentacle In theContinue reading “Memories of a glass bottomed boat”

Seagulls Lament

#Promptuarium I suppose you thought that was funny ? here I am sat by the bins enjoying what could be my only meal for miles and you decide to disturb my breakfast Innocently enjoying the fish in the box then over my foot comes this big heavy rock expecting me to just fly away IContinue reading “Seagulls Lament”