Sweet supper

Salford 19th August 2019 #Food #Sandwich #Hazelnut #Chocolate #Spread #Supper Sat in the kitchen – pondering What to have to satisfy my inner pooh bear End of the cupboard – the bread bin End of the corner cupboard – the provisions store Taking the last of the hazelnut spread tween two pieces of wholemeal –Continue reading “Sweet supper”


Born on a spikey berry bush Purple / pink fruit bursting with flavour bursting with juice – pressed to the touch cooked down in a pan – to a tasty mush turned into jelly – a taste to savour spread over bread – or sometimes toast kids enjoy the tastes so much Breakfast time theyContinue reading “Brambles”

The wheels turned

Museum of science and industry, castlefield, Manchester. Inky’s thoughts on the waterwheel Watching the water turning the wheel that moved the gears that moved the cogs which turned the stones that milled the grain to make the flour that went into the bread sold in the shops the very next morning

Carrot Soup

Tuesday 4th September 2018 #Food a foodie acrostic, by inky Carefully crafted by cooks of the highest order A combination of the finest root vegetables , stock and seasoning Rotating slowly in a silver pan until the Root veg is just right, you can eat it as it is Or stick a blender in theContinue reading “Carrot Soup”


Salford, 11th August 2018   Breakfast time comes early for Resident aviators in Salford’s skies each one has their favourite dish and some occasionally go for the fish down below in the waters of the dock caution though…avoids the shock as resident birds fall on bread and cake until the sun through the clouds breaksContinue reading “Breadcrumbs”

Banana butties 🥪

Salford, 4th April 2018 built of sterner stuff than your average elevenses a wonderous mix of fruity goodness nautically navigated via big boats and delivered to supermarket shelves and next, layered tween two slices of buttered bread an absolute delight, with your afternoon beverage

The loaf

A San-San for the Daily post prompt Grainy Born from the bakers creative mind A Combination of skill, talent, water seed King at breakfast time Every body by the toaster will find Round soft boiled eggs, to fill the need If cereal’s a missing – and there’s no jam Eaten before the school bell chimeContinue reading “The loaf”

Yummy Fruit!

Satisfaction A response to the Daily post Weekly Photo Challenge   A Tangerine for Elevenses When they are around, when i’m heading for BASIC I always take a Tangerine (or two)with me for the break period during the photography class.  I like fruit, but Tangerines more, because of the way they fit in the handContinue reading “Yummy Fruit!”