Color Red

A selection of stuff, taken by me during photography classes submitted for Cees Fun Foto Challenge Starting from the top, the Man Utd bee (1 and 2) – still buzzing around Old Trafford, Manchester as part of #Beeinthecity . next the tin soldier (3), an old tin box i kept cookies in. Red Bowl withContinue reading “Color Red”

Carrot Soup

Tuesday 4th September 2018 #Food a foodie acrostic, by inky Carefully crafted by cooks of the highest order A combination of the finest root vegetables , stock and seasoning Rotating slowly in a silver pan until the Root veg is just right, you can eat it as it is Or stick a blender in theContinue reading “Carrot Soup”

Chicken Soup (Panacea)

Perhaps you say, it could have magical properties as the recipe has been passed down the generations for years notably, it reaches parts your chemists cold cures dont and it’s tasty to the person that’s eating it changes to little things like seasonings, are expected through time but everybody knows the core of chicken, onionContinue reading “Chicken Soup (Panacea)”


#Coloryourworld #Cyw #Asparagus As far as I know, I’ve never seen your flowers Some gardeners I’ve spoken to say they’re white, some say yellow Perhaps they’re both right – but its your green stalks that Attract the cooking fraternity , as you bathe in butter and herbs Rolling around the pan developing your flavour Adorable littleContinue reading “Asparagus”


#Napowrimo, #Blogging101, #Fruit, #Tomato, #Soup, #Sauce, #Plant, #Leaves, #Roots, #Pasta, #Pizza That tin you’re opening did you know? That soup or sauce took time to grow Grown from plants, with heritage of state Moneypenny and Windsor – varieties on plate Seasoned and cooked up by chef in a pan Creating a lunch tasty to planContinue reading “Tomato”

10,000 Spoons

10,000 Spoons Now here’s something A spoon for every breakfast, luncheon soup, and after dinner pudding going…. It got my head spinning just thinking about it. I mean just begin at breakfast time – each bowl of porridge, Weetabix , Cornflakes or Rice Krispies requires some transport from bowl to mouth, Some might call itContinue reading “10,000 Spoons”

Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.” a href=””>An Odd Trio</a> It was the day after we’d landed on the Spanish Island of Eivissa.  Dad walked us towards a local tapas bar near to the apartment we’d hired. “They do really nice fish here – according toContinue reading “Hot and Cold”

Vegetable Soup

Go into your garden, and dig a few holes. Drop a tomato plant, an onion bulb Some beans and some greens, into some lush fertile ground warm in the bright sunshine and water (Rain does best, but a watering can will do) Add fertiliser if you need to. Then when at their peak pick theContinue reading “Vegetable Soup”