Color Red

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A selection of stuff, taken by me during photography classes

submitted for Cees Fun Foto Challenge

Starting from the top, the Man Utd bee (1 and 2) – still buzzing around Old Trafford, Manchester as part of #Beeinthecity . next the tin soldier (3), an old tin box i kept cookies in. Red Bowl with soup in comes next (4), for the culinary photographer – Tomato Soup, (5) Trafford Road Bridge, near to Manchester Utd (6) Tomato on a Slate (7) Red Begonias, and (8) Red Bauble on last years Christmas Tree

The Orb was a lighting experiment – and used Red LEDs to brighten up a Glass Sphere.

Carrot Soup

Food, Poetry

Tuesday 4th September 2018


a foodie acrostic, by inky

Carefully crafted by cooks of the highest order

A combination of the finest root vegetables , stock and seasoning

Rotating slowly in a silver pan until the

Root veg is just right, you can eat it as it is

Or stick a blender in the pan to make it nice and smooth

To pour into a serving turrine

Chicken Soup (Panacea)

Acrostic, Food, Health

Perhaps you say, it could have magical properties

as the recipe has been passed down the generations for years

notably, it reaches parts your chemists cold cures dont

and it’s tasty to the person that’s eating it

changes to little things like seasonings, are expected through time but

everybody knows the core of chicken, onion and carrot

and mum and dad know – they’ll have empty bowls and seconds asked for


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As far as I know, I’ve never seen your flowers

Some gardeners I’ve spoken to say they’re white, some say yellow

Perhaps they’re both right – but its your green stalks that

Attract the cooking fraternity , as you bathe in butter and herbs

Rolling around the pan developing your flavour

Adorable little stalks, who when departing from the pan are

Going to be joined in a mix, with Parma Ham and an Egg

Until you’ve been eaten – the critics would never understand

Some would say – you’re only good for soup, but the diners know better.


Cooking, Food, Fruit, Garden, Poetry

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That tin you’re opening
did you know?
That soup or sauce
took time to grow

Grown from plants, with heritage of state

Moneypenny and Windsor – varieties on plate

Seasoned and cooked up by chef in a pan

Creating a lunch tasty to plan
From a small plant,
with its roots in the ground
taking its food from
nutrients around.

Sun and the Rain,
kept the plant warm and fed
as it established itself
in its warm soil bed.

And fruits of green
did appear on the plant,
they took time to ripen
time nature would grant.

And as they got bigger,
the fruits took on a rich red,
and the tomatoes were taken
from their leafy green bed.

Added to salads or pasta in sauce
and tasty as used in a pizza of course

10,000 Spoons

Breakfast, Food, Lunch

10,000 Spoons


Now here’s something

A spoon for every breakfast, luncheon soup, and after dinner pudding going….

It got my head spinning just thinking about it.

I mean just begin at breakfast time – each bowl of porridge, Weetabix , Cornflakes or Rice Krispies requires some transport from bowl to mouth,

Some might call it the most vital part of an adult or schoolkids day…

So call it five heaped spoons of porridge, and one spoon of sugar – before you’ve even started eating.  The porridge expands as it takes on the heated milk, and soon you have more than five spoonfuls.  The same rule applies to Museli…it seems to take on a life of its own upon the addition of milk..i equate it to the cold-milk equivalent of porridge.

Weetabix – can be eaten quite briskly, but that can take more than five spoonfuls after breaking down in the milk…and that’s if you only have one Weetabix.

and have you ever chased rice krispies around your bowl in the morning?  There’s a few spoons gone amiss.

Drink your tea in the morning – another couple of spoons go astray – as you mash the teabag in the hot water, stir in the milk and more sugar..

That’s four or five teaspoons of sugar at the start of the day and that’s within the first hour or so…

Lunchtime approaches, and you’ve used a spoon twice in the preparing something as simple as a tin of tomato soup 🍜, stirring in the pan and delivering the piping hot soup to a freshly laden bowl 🍲.  And there’s quite a few spoons used in delivering the contents of that bowl 🍲 to your tummy.

And then comes the puddings – and i’m not just talking about the eating of them…preparations of these sweet repasts leads to more of the guard being called upon to create these yummy treats.   Spoons for ingredients (normally one per ingredient – you don’t want honey all over your raisins or sultanas) , wooden spoons for mixing, maybe a spoon for setting out in the tin that goes in the oven, and then there’s a spoon for the sauce…

and all that comes before you sit down to eat the treat!

So after breakfast, lunch, tea, supper (and the tea, coffee and cocoa in between)  The bowl in the sink sees an awful lot of those silvery spoons in the course of a day…

Of course we don’t count them – but if we did, they’d surely mount up by the end of the week….

Hot and Cold

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “An Odd Trio.”

a href=””>An Odd Trio</a>

It was the day after we’d landed on the Spanish Island of Eivissa.  Dad walked us towards a local tapas bar near to the apartment we’d hired.

“They do really nice fish here – according to the guide” said Mum

Ever resourceful – she’d put our Beach towels on our seats

The waiter came out with our drinks , a beer for dad, a lemonade for mum and orange juice for me and anne-marie,

“Having a starter” asked the waiter

“can I have some soup with my sardines mum ?” I asked

“Gazpacho ?”

Dad Smiled but I didn’t know why – “Er, Yes Please”

He returned in an instant with a plate of mushed up tomato, cucumber and onion, served with crusty bread

I needed Mum’s help to figure out how to eat it – I mean did I have the juice and miss the mushed up vegetables ?  for a few moments – I was puzzled.

Now – Dad may have thought it funny – but I quite enjoyed the concoction – particularly when I mixed my sardines In with it , it was really tasty.  And as the Spanish sun began to rest on the edge of the horizon it was really refreshing – perhaps that was down to the lemon juice in it – or the five ice cubes  floating about the tomatoes!

As for the bones and the fish heads – the restaurant owners cat got those….

And I had no problem with the pudding – icecream set into an Orange…

Hot and Cold

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Vegetable Soup

Food, Garden, Poetry


A piece of Acetate Art by the Author – Garden

Go into your garden,

and dig a few holes.

Drop a tomato plant, an onion bulb

Some beans and some greens,

into some lush fertile ground

warm in the bright sunshine

and water (Rain does best, but a watering can will do)

Add fertiliser if you need to.

Then when at their peak

pick the fruits of your labour

and after washing, pop them in a pan

The hardy veg take longer to cook – so put them in first

cook them down with some salt and pepper – and perhaps – a little oil

liquidise and serve

with fresh oven baked bread

in a stoneware bowl

Sit down, and enjoy