Something to note when you next go into the supermarket that durum wheat spaghetti you picked off the shelf for a really cheap price probably has a more local flavour than Milan or Turin Although they’ve stuck to recipe – noted chefs will tell you – the product hasn’t seen hair of a Dock orContinue reading “Authentic”

zingy! (Sweet n sour)

Zing! i don’t know what it is… but theres summat in that there chicken and rice that gives it a special kind of Zing with each mouthful , senses bring the dish to life aromas, sweet, peppery and sour drift up the nose as if to say. I m so Zesty aromas of spice chicken,Continue reading “zingy! (Sweet n sour)”

Over the Coals

several sausages sizzle in the Noonday Sun awaiting a bap Hamburgers announce readiness with aroma as the coals they glow Seasonings ? Brown or Red Little people line up in Anticipation and over the grill the most important question onions or pickles?—by-InkdropK


Oh Happy and Humble tomato! In your youth you joined the ranks of the horticultural army labouring on your leaves in the summer sun Rewards a plenty as the best recruits are picked for display in a culinary tattoo in a Salad or Pasta dish Numbers in your ranks depleted but new recruits appear ready forContinue reading “Formation”