#Octpowrimo #Lightness Salford, 29th October 2019 As summer draws to a close and green leaves turn to red the leaves of the less evergreen aided by wind rain and streams float off in a dream, light as a feather to their final resting spot where they leave a mark of colour on the paths aroundContinue reading “Lightness”

Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces

#Octpowrimo #Brokenpieces Imperial War Museum North, Manchester UK (via the Inkwell), 22nd October 2019 How does someone express the act of war ? take you through a hundred years and tell that tale – that no one else can tell anymore. The man with a vision took a thing for brewing his cuppa and changedContinue reading “Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces”


#Earth #Earthquakes #gas #oil #water In the rush for fossil oil and gas people have been a bit of an ass the drillers don’t mind what mess they make or even the tremors the movements or quakes they’re throwing their cash – to drill down the ground in hope that a prize of riches canContinue reading “Earthquake”


Salford, 4th July 2019 #Fowc #Aquarium #Fish A picture of the underwater world quorums of fish meet up in view of human eyes under temperature controls as schools of fish travel around richly seeded beds of coloured gravel in search of the fish food, hidden under each pebble and on each sunken artifact moving quicklyContinue reading “Aquarium”