Tag: Water

  • The Lonely Swan

    #writephoto housesitting when ma and pa have gone on holiday They’ve taken their grandkids somewhere sunny and warm and though i’ve got the nest all to myself sometimes i wish i didn’t The geese are out though and they’re having fun so i’ll spend time with them in the afternoon sun.

  • Make friends with a tree

    #writeclub #tree You’ve seen this arboreous giant nearly every day walking down the sandy pathways and grabbing some shade from the warmth of the sun he provides a nice place for picnics thing is….have you ever considered your green leaved friend? it can’t be easy for him being outside in every conceivable weather while satisfying […]

  • Island Fortress

    #writephoto No Man is an Island, or so they say Out in the depths of the lake, someone’s Built a structure, with gates and turrets On the shore, its difficult to tell Right now, how the owner gets his groceries Down by the bay, there’s a jetty Except for the fact – there’s no boat […]

  • Ribbit


    #writephoto #ribbit a tale of frogs and toads, by inky Floating around the water tank a couple of amphibians from the river bank who followed the clay pipes from the stream and skipped towards the sunlight as if in a dream everything was great in their little home till something from the pipes turned the […]

  • Seahorse


    #writephoto Sailing through the waters below enjoying a stride through rock and coral a nimble little creature travels about hunting for a bite to eat over ocean bubbles he rides resting occasionally on a bit of seaweed snacking on treats around him and enjoying every minute

  • Floating about

    Floating about

    You could call him a “Kamikaze Duck” leaping through the air, like a mountain goat to dive headlong into the H2O He was a little hesitant, when down he did look but he grabbed opportunity by the throat and headed headlong into the wet onlookers over the water – think o no but water on […]

  • Waiting


    Sat in the water Staring at her own reflection Still tied up where the last boaters used her Solitary at nightfall, She watches the reflections of Stars while She waits for someone to take her out on the water Sunrise, a Signal Somethings going to happen as She takes another paddle around the lake

  • Vanish


    #Fowc #Vanish Where’d you go ? Like the magicians assistant, in a magic act and the fingerprints rubbed off the glass you’ve gone from sight – and thats a fact not in the house – you’re out on the grass but just as i thought – without fear as soon as you’ve been seen – […]

  • A picture from wherever

    #socs another time to dive headlong into the inkwells offline archive I like taking a camera out whenever i go for a walk or tram ride out for this one – i didn’t have to go far armed with some bird friendly seeds i took a snap or three of the local feathered populous they […]

  • The Sea

    #poem #wordart #nature #beach #sea #water #character a wordart piece by inky The sea is a friendly fellow For when the children waved to say Hello It waved back