Singing in the rain

#In light of the lack of a fresh writing prompt – i’ve poached this one from the wordpress e-book – 365 Writing prompts….enjoy….inky.# Salford 16th June 2018 Inclement is how the weathermen would have put it the weather itself couldn’t make its mind up the sun was out – the birds were tweeting – and…… Continue reading Singing in the rain


Salford 12th June 2018 Cognitive act of great effort noting and transferring the idea and vision carefully to canvas using colourful media equal care given to the objects around the main subject not forgetting the sun or the sky taking attention to each shade of blue transferred reality is – there’s plenty of them as…… Continue reading Concentration

Big Wide World

Explore Salford 4th April 2018   The world is immense – to most people Over the water there’s places you’ve never been to During your lifetime – you’ll experience many a new thing Daffodils won’t be the only flower you chomp on as you Let your little toes explore the water (with mum and dad’s…… Continue reading Big Wide World

My favourite place

Favorite Place salford quays, March 23rd Sat on a bench by the Manchester ship canal, just watching the water go by and letting the lemon cake I’ve just munched on digest as the feathered residents of the quays go by dont think they know much about their famous neighbours but it’s relaxing watching them travel…… Continue reading My favourite place