Summer with the water rats

#cento #summer #napowrimo now i was young and easy under the apple boughs on either side the river lie blossoms and dewdrops at the bent sprays edge open unto the fields, and to the sky Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone meet in her aspect and her eyes loveliest of trees, the cherryContinue reading “Summer with the water rats”

Shadows and Reflections

#Napowrimo #Writeclub #Reflections #Shadows with thanks to Mark Marusic @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A sunny day on a bank holiday morn walking through the local green there’s not a cloud in the sky but what’s that dark mass behind you? nothing to fear – its only your shadow II Sat on a parkContinue reading “Shadows and Reflections”

Something tiny that changes everything

#Writeclub #Napowrimo #Nature #Life #Water with a nod to Mark @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A small cloud went on a wonder from the west down to the east II A Small Seed was planted by a child helping her mum and dad III The small cloud watered the spot where the small seedContinue reading “Something tiny that changes everything”

In this City

#writeclub #napowrimo They built a place by a running stream Technology basic but builders keen It was the beginning of the city Basic wells grew in size to the chieftains surprise and mud and straw to create huts were changed for stone – hewn and cut Houses needed food so they built some farms andContinue reading “In this City”


#Writephoto #Seaside #Crab Carefully crossing the cove reaching out for tasty treats as he makes his way over sand, pebbles and stone breaking into smaller shells for his breakfast lunch and tea Could this Crustacean be regarded as seaside royalty ? as he has the run of the sea, rocks and the sand be awareContinue reading “Crab”

Taking in the view

#FFFC The walk up the mountain path was a long one with snaking twists and turns past mountain bogs and pot holes and occasional dead ends They’d gone up the mountain for a challenge and to see what was at the top but stopped at a meeting point half way up eating so they wouldn’tContinue reading “Taking in the view”