Greece Holidays

Forward planning


Christmas and new year are formally over

and winters gone to town

its made me think of warm places

where the sand is soft and brown

and the sea is brilliant aqua blue

and the waters are clear as can be

while little fish nibble away at your feet

for something for their tea

I’m sure it wont be for a while yet

as we’ve not yet escaped from this bug

but i’m hoping my nephews will join us

and give us all a hug

while we play in the warmth of the water

and eat in a taverna or two

or take in some local amusement

or even visit a zoo


Back Together Again

#WDYS #Teachers #School #Holidays

Back Together Again (image G Chua-Tran)

It’s been a few weeks since they last saw each other

spending time away from work

and enjoying the pleasures of “Summer Break”

Sea and Sand now replaced

by playground tarmac

What pleasures arise now work recommences is

anybodys guess

preparation started as soon as the bags dropped at home

new faces for year ones

new challenges for year twos

all to be put together on bits of paper

so the head and his deputies know

what’s going on

Beach Childhood Holidays Travel


#writeclub #listpoem

Adventure comes

from a small leather case

stepping onto the plane

and heading to a place

well out of normal reach

definately not your

normal nearby beach

imagining how happy you will be

sat with your mum on dad – on a spot by the sea

Food Holidays Poetry Tradition Travel


#Food #Greek #Dish #Beef #Cinnamon

An acrostic, written in honour of a dish i enjoyed a lot of during my travels to the greek islands.


Served up in a traditional greek pot

Traditionally cooked up with beef, tomatoes and onions

It’s usually served up with some sort of pasta

Fresh bay leaves, cinnamon

And all spice give it its authentic flavour

Dry red wine goes as a good accompanient

Of course – if you want it with chips – the chef will be happy to provide them

Holidays Memories Travel


#fowc #trinkets

Trinkets / pin badges … by inky

Tiny little things

reminding you of places

in the UK or abroad where you

navigated towards on holiday

kept mementoes of

events in time

tallied together

so you don’t forget them

Colours Holidays Memories Nature Sea Seaside Seasons

Turquoise Blue

It’s that certain colour, that reminds you of your holidays

The colour of the sea at the certain time of day

up in the sky, when right foot dipped its toes to see if it was

ready to take a dip in the water, or

quench your thirst with a cool drink by the sands

under the water – the smallest of fishes circle your toes to say hello

out ahead – there’s great shoals – but this small shoals

intrigued by the sight of your feet

so you follow them into the warm blue green

enjoying watching them nibble at your feet – it tickles!

Acrostic Beach Holidays Sea Seaside Seasons

Summers Arrived!

#Napowrimo #Summer

Deckchairs on the beach

They’re back out on the shore

ready to greet you all

as the weather turns warmer

deckchairs in their finery

in their special spots on the beach

the ice cream parlour is to the west and

in a few minutes, the punch and judy man will be

out with his stall….is it a

new thing ? No!….it’s an age old thing – like building





To some, it seemed normal

they spent thousands to come

to this tropical paradise

took a fortnight away,

then sat on the sun loungers, out in the sands

feeling the burn….sipping sunny cocktails

to others, they pondered

why you would do all of that for one week flat

and spend the next seven sun-filled days

searching for shade and shadow

Beach Holidays Poetry Sea Seaside

Three sea shells

Three shells on the sand

Picked up in playtime

On a summers afternoon

One half of a home

That welcomed in guests

Before enjoying them for lunch

Crafty crustacean

Now nestled in his new home

A nautilus shell

Hiding away on the seabed

Is that the sand moving?

No, just another sea snail searching for lunch

Christmas Nature

Christmas Lights

Bauble Ornament in a real Christmas tree

Coming out each year

Happily brightening up the festive tree

Red and Blue Baubles lit up by the fairy lights

Its what makes the glitter twinkle you know

Soon , the children will be

Taking a look underneath the tree. but for now they’re

Making a moment of the decorations

And watching the lights bounce around the branches

Santa’s not going to miss this festive delight, that makes everybody smile