Holiday time

16th November 2019 Heavens above! is it Christmas already ? Of course not….there’s five more weeks till then, but Look around you and you’ll already see Instant signs the festive season is almost here Decorations, presents and Festive Food All over the place, and yet – when Boxing Day gets here You’ll all be talkingContinue reading “Holiday time”

Summer Break

Sitting in the garden Playing with a ball As Mum or dad Call out – from beyond the hall Excitement awaits – we’re off to the museums! Down goes your head – you don’t want to see ’em Of course, its not like you’re grateful – you’ve been there before Up with your classmates –Continue reading “Summer Break”

In other words – Footprints on the beach

in response to three sets of feet – Walking on the Sand Rendezvous with candy floss Sweet stuff acquired – but only two pairs of feet Smaller pair of toes, treated by Big Feet To a Piggyback

Challenge 30 – No2

#Challenge30 #Photography Things in 3 A shelf with a host of miniature objects. At the Front – Three Snowglobes The First – a Winnie the Pooh Snowscene…. The Second – a Windmill Snowglobe from the Island Rhodes The Third – a Snowglobe from the Sea Life Centre, Manchester It didn’t matter if it didn’t snowContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No2”

Ascending II

Manchester (Via Rhodes) , 5th November 2018 As the fire took hold of the wood I watched magical trails rise high in the air Releasing colourful patterns in the sky Rhodes ancient buildings painted Over by Beautiful light Created by Ignition – rising over walls and Keep of the old city , bringing smiles toContinue reading “Ascending II”