Lemon Meringue Pie

#Napowrimo #Food #Character I when i was made i promised a lot zesty , light and zingy fresh tasting lemon cloudlike meringue and a buttery biscuit base II Each spoonful supposedly taking you off to the greens of the med where my fruit grew and blue skies shone III Initial reactions – Brilliant till aboutContinue reading “Lemon Meringue Pie”


#WWP #Mannequin Call it a teenage obsession peering thru a shop window with the models on show Beauty captured perfectly – in plastic displaying the latest fashions – for mum , nan or even sis Staring at the standing models got more than attention from shop assistants on the display But among the varied crowdContinue reading “Mannequin”

Desk (V2)

#Napowrimo A Place where writing implements go to sleep Hewn from the finest tree trunks a place where the little apes transfer their thoughts using pencil to paper some use pen, some use paper some use crayon, and some use colour words and pictures cascade on the page and then when finished, they return theirContinue reading “Desk (V2)”


#socs #difference I suppose we’re all just like cupcakes made from the same basic ingredients but changed slightly in look, shape or colour all sat on our stands waiting to be picked for one thing or another these cakes are all individual you can’t say one’s identical to the other its what sets them outContinue reading “Difference”

Throwing the dice

I They say that cats are lucky They say they’ll always thrive They say they’re just like humans with character and drive one thing they don’t tell you you’re happy to be alive II Playing cards with the reaper as if you have the time listening to the clock hand or even the bells chimeContinue reading “Throwing the dice”