#Poetry #Countryside #Character #Acrostic A acrostic poem from my allpoetry profile – enjoy Sat in the middle of the field Carefully watching the seeds grow A happy scarecrow Regularly looks out for his owners crops Each day he’s there – fooling the birds as his owner Collects wheat and barley in Rows around him -…… Continue reading Scarecrow


Froth Salford 12th April 2018 From time to time, Realities of bringing a coffee to life come into view Out of nowhere, people demanded posh coffee The buzzwords of the day “latte” or “Cappucino” Hell on earth for the poor overworked cafetiere For days on end Round-about temp – amassing to “what on earth” -…… Continue reading Froth

Rescued from the reject bin

Salford, 17th November 2017   Imperfection A little dusty here or there his coat could do with a mend stuffing coming from a paw this old bear needs a friend   See all the animals are off to the shops apart from those that look like they’ve been dropped now little bear, he wouldnt really…… Continue reading Rescued from the reject bin