Strains of a Sundae

#Napowrimo #icecream #sundae Served up after dinner – I wait Up to now i’ve been content – sat in the blast chiller Next thing i know i’m served up to the crowd Digging into my scoops of strawberry, banana and chocolate And Mining deep down the bottom of my glass for the brownie bits EachContinue reading “Strains of a Sundae”

Lemon Meringue Pie

#Napowrimo #Food #Character I when i was made i promised a lot zesty , light and zingy fresh tasting lemon cloudlike meringue and a buttery biscuit base II Each spoonful supposedly taking you off to the greens of the med where my fruit grew and blue skies shone III Initial reactions – Brilliant till aboutContinue reading “Lemon Meringue Pie”

How do you live with yourself

#writeclub #napowrimo an early one, written in the wee small hours in the morning with thanks to EM Williams @ writeclub for the prompt How do i live with myself ? Its tricky My shadow blends in to the Sudden darkness of night, only appearing in Exceptional circumstances Like when the bedroom light is onContinue reading “How do you live with yourself”

Wisdom from a Tea Cup

#Writeclub #Tea #Brew #Drink Watch as i let off steam, as the leaves bathe and change colour…. take five as the colours in my cup swirl about, and take in the flavours from a distant land…. you can learn quite a bit from my pyramid pal. sit back in a comfy chair and ease yourContinue reading “Wisdom from a Tea Cup”


#WWP #Mannequin Call it a teenage obsession peering thru a shop window with the models on show Beauty captured perfectly – in plastic displaying the latest fashions – for mum , nan or even sis Staring at the standing models got more than attention from shop assistants on the display But among the varied crowdContinue reading “Mannequin”

Watching Angel

#WDYS Its not as if you missed him at Christmas but when you put all the decorations away at twelfth night – a couple of them found resting places around the house so kids , you’d best be on your behaviour best for this crack team – won’t be put to the test and ifContinue reading “Watching Angel”


#promptuarium #pictureprompt He’d left his spot on the quarterdeck and headed for holodeck five a place where the men of the spacecraft went to loosen up and jive He enjoyed the sound of the old times of Oasis, New Order and Blur and joined up with others of the crew who did of course concurContinue reading “Visitor”