Big Wide World

Explore Salford 4th April 2018 The world is immense – to most people Over the water there’s places you’ve never been to During your lifetime – you’ll experience many a new thing Daffodils won’t be the only flower you chomp on as you Let your little toes explore the water (with mum and dad’s help)Continue reading “Big Wide World”

Eleven days in the summer sun

Sao Rafael, Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal 25th September 2017 It’s been a really early morning for me. I’ve been sat on a Jet 2 Boeing – 737, travelling through the sky blue from Manchester Airport to Portugal’s Faro Airport.  A Four o clock start meant i had a few cat naps throughout the journey, spaced outContinue reading “Eleven days in the summer sun”


Salford, 29th July 2017 Shallow Some say its easy, splashing your feet along the sea on a Hot summers day, but its important to be Aware of your surroundings Lots of people like to dive into that Long stretch of blue water – Only they know their limitations When they wade into it – don’tContinue reading “Shallow”

Cotton candy

Salford 9th April 2017 a sweet poem for the color your world challenge by inkdropk #poetry #confectionery #cyw #coloryourworld #cottoncandy #candyfloss   whispy wires of candy softly rising into a soft tornado gathering in pace as it goes   sensational sugar collides against the  tornado catcher fallen to be reused again   whisps gather paceContinue reading “Cotton candy”


#Coloryourworld #cyw #Holidays #Tan   To some, an absolute must – turning nut – brown nicely under the summer sun   Toasting under the sun’s rays As they enjoy a ice cool drink by the nautical waters   To others, an unachievable goal As they sit – in the sun – for a few seconds Next minute –Continue reading “Tan”


Calm Crowds sit in seaside hotels All in a state – the beach is closed because of winds Local kids cant fly their kites, say the lifeguards Making the kids unhappy   Cause of the distress ? All due to tomorrows weather forecast, Look up to the air, at the clear blue sky Maybe they’ve got it wrong –Continue reading “Calm”