Greece Holidays

Forward planning


Christmas and new year are formally over

and winters gone to town

its made me think of warm places

where the sand is soft and brown

and the sea is brilliant aqua blue

and the waters are clear as can be

while little fish nibble away at your feet

for something for their tea

I’m sure it wont be for a while yet

as we’ve not yet escaped from this bug

but i’m hoping my nephews will join us

and give us all a hug

while we play in the warmth of the water

and eat in a taverna or two

or take in some local amusement

or even visit a zoo

Acrostic Beach Poetry Water


#fowc #sponge


Something found on the sea shore

perhaps lying lazily around the cockles, whelks and clams

on occasion, travelling by bobbing about the water

numbers of them can be spotted on the seaweed

getting their nutrients for the day from

each drop of seaweed they enjoy


Supping up the drops of soapy bathwater

propped up by perfumed foam

often sinking below the water line

navigating its way towards the plug hole

gets squeezed during bath time by

excitable kiddies

Acrostic Beach Poetry

Enjoying the View


Taking a train up to the coast

admiring the view and maybe

keeping a photo of the scenery

inside the hut on top of the hill theres

numbers of pictures you can take

gemstones lie under your feet (if you know where to find them)

ascending ? why not descend down to that

beach where that blue water laps

relax by the shoreline and

enjoy the sunshine – the cove’s a suntrap

and if you fancy a cuppa – the beach cafe will be open soon

kreative minds among you can make castles on the beach

Beach Holidays Poetry


#fowc #specialist

Skilled technician

Positioned on the shore

Especially for when the tide was coming in

Construction ? more Demolition

Instigated to save the rest of the team getting soaked

As the water came up the beach

Like lightning, but was

Instantly disappointed

Sandy structures on the beach

Taken down by a pair of bright red wellies


Ebb and Flow

#sea #seaside #waters #shells #seaweed

Photo by Pixabay on

The sea played with the man on the beach

as he walked along the sand

blue turning to sky blue then white

to catch the sun worshipper and give him a fright

But after a while the man came up to the sea

in an attempt to dip his toes

he put his feet into the blue

and in an instant froze

for while on the sand, the air was warm

the water instead, was not

it was like a bowl of ice cubes

and he was rooted to the spot

the hermit crabs signalled to the oncoming sea

about the beachcombers feet

and then in an instant

the sea beat a retreat

Photography Poetry

Near and Far

#Socs #Near #Far

View from my window

Near and Far

How Near to where i am would i want to go ?

The Local Park Perhaps ?

The Local Art Gallery ?

Off to the Lakes perhaps?

Or a remote sandy beach, someplace sunny and warm?


Cloud Animal

#WDYS #cloud

Cloud Animal – Rabbit (Image: Kendrick Mills)

They say the skies are full of animals

from Lions to Rams and Great Bears

you need a telescope

for they appear at night

but some they appear – fluffy and white

clear as day, up in the sky

around the air they fly

You can see them when you walk on the sand of the beach

just above your head – within your eyes reach

popping up to say hello

and with a brisk westerly, away they go.

Beach Childhood Holidays Travel


#writeclub #listpoem

Adventure comes

from a small leather case

stepping onto the plane

and heading to a place

well out of normal reach

definately not your

normal nearby beach

imagining how happy you will be

sat with your mum on dad – on a spot by the sea

Beach Sea Sports Water


#watersport #beach

The sound of thunder

tore through the morning skyline

with no cloud in sight

foam of early morn

whipped up before the breakfast

was cooked up and served

power junkies rip

across neptune’s blue waters

brewing up ocean

Caught on a riser

powerboat turned over

hear mermaids singing

Poetry Transport Travel



Image by George Natsioulis

She’s Waiting

She’s Waiting by the platform

She’s Waiting for a Train

She’s Waiting for the train

She’s Waiting for a particular train

but for now – She’s Waiting

She’s waiting to get to a place on the coast

a place as a child she enjoyed the most

a place that was way off from metropolis rain

a place in the sun that you travelled to by train

tickets all booked,

bags all packed

waiting on the platform – relaxed

listening for the sound of the choo-choo horn – Maxed

While waiting.