#CYW #Chestnut 6th November 2019 Coming from two trees that hold its name Horse and Sweet varieties exist Each Autumn kids can be found playing games with conkers Sweet fare created from the conkers sibling Tartlets and pies and they’re even used at the Christmas table Note however – you can’t eat the conker UnlessContinue reading “Chestnut”

In other words – Peanut Butter II

(### The FIVE LINES OR LESS EDITION ###) Scraping the content from around the brim While the jar of delight moves in the breeze It’s manna from heaven for this master of flight Now clinging on the chains in happiness as the Green bird gets his fill in the garden

Nest (Another View)

#Fowc #Nest #Nature Above my head, by the window ledge a family of birds is living on the edge living in a nest in view of my eye occasionally searching for food do they fly Waking me up with their earliest call transcending the windows and solid brick walls flying to treetops through clouds inContinue reading “Nest (Another View)”

A Japanese Maple in Salford

Salford, 2nd March 2019 Winter wasn’t kind to our friend round the back Who was anchored to the rocks by its roots The evergreens kept a watchful eye As it sat there dormant in the wind rain and snow Till one day last week – a clarion call from our feathered chums returning from theirContinue reading “A Japanese Maple in Salford”

Post Christmas Pressies

#Christmas #Hidden #Sweets 7th January 2019 I received an extra present yesterday. I’d been wandering what dad was going on about when he mentioned an extra present at the end of Christmas time I’d enjoyed seeing the brightly coloured baubles on the Christmas tree, especially the new larger ones. They were twinkly inside. I justContinue reading “Post Christmas Pressies”