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  • Dialect

    #lancashire #sayings There’s been trouble at Mill this morning the chaos has been obvious to see the cook in the kitchen is flummoxed as someone has messed up works tea See the barmpot of the mill came a calling to see what their having for lunch and he’d switched the lamb leg for smoked haddock […]

  • The Grill

    The Grill

    #Greek #Cuisine #Salford #Quays You can get hungry, walking the labyrinth of paths located by my home town reminds me of a sunny coastal place by the med and on a patch of green there’s a familiar spot where holiday treats are served as meat and veg meet with chips and tzatziki and enjoyed on […]

  • Mashed Potato

    #Syntax #Poetryclub #Food #Potato #Mash Here you go – You’ve been waiting for that time when the bubbles around the spuds disappear The water goes diving, Normally the spuds would be heading for the oven but not today Numbers of spuds become a single thing with the help of the masher and a bit of […]

  • Robust


    #fowc #robust what was cooking on the stove was quite a combination what yesterdays roast lamb needed was something that would stand together with its rich flavour Carrots and Onion cooked down with some tomato and joined up with the leftover potatoes to create a dish that was quite different to the Sunday lunch but […]

  • Gyros


    Eccles, 22nd September 2021 Greek style wraps you can enjoy any place – any time running through the Lamb chicken or veg over everything – herbs and spices and some of the Greek Tsatziki (Delicious!)

  • Kleftiko


    It takes time to cook as King of the greek menu lounging around in slow bath of tomatoes, onions and potatoes enveloping the smells and tastes of lemon fresh feta cheese and oregano traditionally made this way for years its slow cooked to let the meat fall off the bone, and infuse in all those […]

  • Gravy

    #Fowc #Gravy Good heavens! you’ll cry – its just a sauce, made from Roasting juices of the meat cooking in the oven – Actually, they cheer in unison – its much more than that Vegetable water and various seasonings are mixed in too – You might even get a flavour of the drink you’re having […]

  • In Other Words – Delicious

    In Other Words – Delicious

    A five line response to the picture provided for the prompt by Patricia’s Place @ https://patriciasplace.me/ perfectly pampered puddytat ponders whats for tea perhaps chicken or pork, or maybe – beef ? his belief – but today his wish is a big plate of fish

  • An apology – from Fido

    Given the photograph that accompanied the latest daily post here’s my attempt in response to the prompt Apology Hope you enjoy it I’m sorry. My moment of madness is unforgivable I Know right now – i’m in the Doghouse but I was let down by my nose you see it led me to the sunday […]

  • One Pot Cooking

    Cordon-Bleu cooking could do wi’ a change. So i’ll slice and chop veggies and dice and arrange And i’ll take time to grasp, this art that’s new As i produce something tasty Is it soup? could be stew! Lamb and some Greens at th’bottom of a pot ingredients plenty – and vegetables there’s a lot […]