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  • Sentence

    #fowc #sentence The fingers hit the keyboard and the process begins letters form into words and those words fall into some kind of meaningful order “The beginning of the tale” You’ve written the first sentence….Time to finish the tale

  • Something tiny that changes everything

    Something tiny that changes everything

    #Writeclub #Napowrimo #Nature #Life #Water with a nod to Mark @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A small cloud went on a wonder from the west down to the east II A Small Seed was planted by a child helping her mum and dad III The small cloud watered the spot where the small seed […]

  • Mashed Potato

    #Syntax #Poetryclub #Food #Potato #Mash Here you go – You’ve been waiting for that time when the bubbles around the spuds disappear The water goes diving, Normally the spuds would be heading for the oven but not today Numbers of spuds become a single thing with the help of the masher and a bit of […]

  • How do you live with yourself

    #writeclub #napowrimo an early one, written in the wee small hours in the morning with thanks to EM Williams @ writeclub for the prompt How do i live with myself ? Its tricky My shadow blends in to the Sudden darkness of night, only appearing in Exceptional circumstances Like when the bedroom light is on […]

  • Herding Cats

    Short Sighted Cow-herder made the mistake of collecting these cousins of the king of the jungle There were a few perks the cows were kept safe and the mice kept away from the cheese But when night-time fell these kings they would scatter to anywhere else but where they would matter

  • Filling the page

    #socs #page It’s the quandary of any writer – professional or otherwise brace yourself – a blank page if you have a prompt – well that’s a start but if you haven’t – you’re falling on that part of your mind that invents and creates inspiration from the things around you what’s that bird that’s […]

  • The plum pudding paradox

    The plum pudding paradox

    #socs #closeeyesandpoint Above, you’ll see a picture of a ‘traditional’ plum pudding, eaten at dessert time around the table at Christmas time….before anyone goes ballistic….i’m following the rules of the previous challenge – and it just happened to fall on the page on the origin Christmas puddings So, when did the craziness start inky? Those […]

  • Every kind of potato

    Every kind of potato

    How’d you like your spuds ? , lass, I say, How’d you like your spuds Boiled or Mashed ? Baked or fried with spices and vinegar liberally applied ? Perhaps you’ll like them roasted with herbs or chilli scattered served alongside a lovely fish thats been breaded or perhaps battered Maybe you’ll eat em in […]

  • The Dry Tide

    The Dry Tide

    a piece by b.f.kirkham It started with a post-it note a simple square post-it note coloured bright blue so the recipient could read it the sender popped it on the corner of the screen so the recipient could read it A second blue post it note was placed alongside it a little darker in tone […]

  • Car


    #writeclub #adventure A car is not an Adventure though it could just get you there saving you the shoe leather or even the bus fare It gets you there from A to B using the various road and track Travelling down endless steel railed paths and buckets of flattened tarmac It’d be great – if […]