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Something tiny that changes everything

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with a nod to Mark @ Writeclub for the prompt.


A small cloud went on a wonder

from the west down to the east


A Small Seed was planted by a child

helping her mum and dad


The small cloud watered the spot

where the small seed was planted


each day, after collecting water

the small child followed the small cloud


The seed, popped out of the soil

as a seedling – looking for a change of scene


As the seedling grew tall, the family looked after it

Dad dug around feed, while daughter continued to water


The seed became a tree

and the cloud visited each day


Some fruit on the tree was sold, while others went into pies

The girl and her family – didn’t go hungry – and they built a well


The steam from the pies went up in the air

eventually, it formed a cloud


The cloud went on a wonder…..

Food Poetry writing

Mashed Potato

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Here you go –

You’ve been waiting

for that time when the

bubbles around the spuds


The water goes diving,

Normally the spuds

would be heading for the oven

but not today

Numbers of spuds

become a single thing

with the help of the masher

and a bit of butter

addition’s a plenty

sausages see fried onions, (or onion gravy)

chops get apple (or Mint)

depending on the meat

and Fish? Always parsley sauce.

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How do you live with yourself

#writeclub #napowrimo

an early one, written in the wee small hours in the morning

with thanks to EM Williams @ writeclub for the prompt

How do i live with myself ?

Its tricky

My shadow blends in to the

Sudden darkness of night, only appearing in

Exceptional circumstances

Like when the bedroom light is on

Full beam

Reflections in the water

skip as circles gravitate out of the water in the sink

and my mirror like self – disappears

in a mist of steam and soap suds

Good Lord ! is that me ?

some things shouldn’t be seen without breakfast

Getting dressed

all fingers and thumbs

and i’m pondering should i put velcro

on the seams where buttons go through the loop

that’d be far too easy

wait a minute now – as i look down

searching for the holes in my belt and brogues

Keys, Wallet, Watch , Phone

sat attentive by the sideboard

or are they ? – they’ve developed legs

and landed where i dropped them the night before (By the laptop)

Animals Poetry writing

Herding Cats

Large group of hungry cats, herd of red cats, walking on footpath, japanese Aoshima cat island

Short Sighted Cow-herder

made the mistake of collecting

these cousins of the king of the jungle

There were a few perks

the cows were kept safe

and the mice kept away from the cheese

But when night-time fell

these kings they would scatter

to anywhere else but where they would matter

Life writing

Filling the page

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It’s the quandary of any writer – professional or otherwise

brace yourself – a blank page

if you have a prompt – well that’s a start

but if you haven’t – you’re falling on that part of your mind that

invents and creates

inspiration from the things around you

what’s that bird that’s just flown by

the animal that’s just scampered through the back yard

chased by the spotted moggy from across the way

that’s dived out of the way of the bin man

his amber lights flashing past the window

as he feeds his hungry trash collector

you can hear it chomping beyond the double glazing

before the refuse team get back in their cab

and the trash collector heads off for another snack

as for our furry friend – she’s pawing at the neighbours door

where fish awaits for breakfast

Come to think of it – its time for a little something

As for the page – its full

(and you said you couldn’t come up with anything!)

Christmas Cooking Food Historical Victorian writing

The plum pudding paradox

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A Christmas Pudding – Too early ? (C/o Bing)

Above, you’ll see a picture of a ‘traditional’ plum pudding, eaten at dessert time around the table at Christmas time….before anyone goes ballistic….i’m following the rules of the previous challenge – and it just happened to fall on the page on the origin Christmas puddings

So, when did the craziness start inky?

Those in the know state it kicked off as a wheat porridge with fruit in the 14th Century. Veggies might not have liked this however – as recipes varied – having additions of beef, mutton or even porpoise

(Not to be enjoyed if you have veggie suet in your christmas pud!)

Three centuries later – they thickened the mix with breadcrumbs and eggs – and Dried fruit and your Christmas spices of cinnamon and nutmeg were added – alas – no plums. In 17th Century Yorkshire – they ate it for Breakfast (Not a bad idea)

We eat the Victorian edition of this classic today – No Meat, but spices, fruit, sugar and flour (oh and booze!). Usually after a suitable pause after the Christmas Dinner.

Food Poetry writing

Every kind of potato

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How’d you like your spuds ? , lass,

I say, How’d you like your spuds

Boiled or Mashed ? Baked or fried

with spices and vinegar liberally applied ?

Perhaps you’ll like them roasted

with herbs or chilli scattered

served alongside a lovely fish

thats been breaded or perhaps battered

Maybe you’ll eat em in a salad

diced with mayonnaisse

and served up with cucumber on lettuce

in a number of different ways

Some tatas have a taste all of their own

and served up they’re really posh

bringing some elegance to your dinner plate

a higher level of nosh

but as you won’t find a red russet

in your fish shop as you wish

you’ll enjoy a plate of premium whites

crisped up for the fish

Poetry writing

The Dry Tide

a piece by b.f.kirkham

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Chaos! – The post it Sea……

It started with a post-it note

a simple square post-it note

coloured bright blue

so the recipient could read it

the sender popped it on the corner of the screen

so the recipient could read it

A second blue post it note

was placed alongside it

a little darker in tone

maybe so the recipient would read it

the second sender thought – making it darker

might make the recipient read it first

Day followed hour – and the post it notes spread

covering the screen like a papernote bed

behind the bed the monitor did go

and its fans moved the post it notes – to and fro

with the lights from the monitor – it looked like a wave

and soon that is how the post-its behaved

Recipient returned to the monitor screen

the rainbow of messages – he wasn’t too keen

but as he moved to see a chink of light

careful as he was – and try as he might

the post-its cascaded in a wave on his spot

over his keyboard like a colourful blot

So for two days straight, he worked night and day

answering the post-it messages, no time to play

making the calls that he should have done first

and answering queries with his best not his worst

as the colours made way, and enquiries disappeared

his pathway to his keyboard, was at last cleared

Poetry Prose Transport Travel writing


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A car is not an Adventure

though it could just get you there

saving you the shoe leather

or even the bus fare

It gets you there from A to B

using the various road and track

Travelling down endless steel railed paths

and buckets of flattened tarmac

It’d be great – if it got you to places

without needing a top-up or three (to be frank)

but it just gets you to the nearest station

on a single tank

so as you head down the highway

in search of your seaside abode

your chariot is eating your fish and chips

as it burns down the road

Character writing

WDYS – Superheroes

Superman and Batman – by the beach

Batman had took Superman for a day off by the beach

“So Superman how are you enjoying your time by the sands?”

Superman thought carefully – “Its nice, but i can’t help think someone’s in peril out there”

Batman looked surprised – “Don’t you ever take a day off?”

“Well, when i took Lois up to Krypton that one time……”

“Yeah….But other than that……”

“Well, er no – i suppose its in our job description……”

“Listen – i’ve had a word with Spidey – the Marvel Crew are doing our shift for this week….they’ve got Wonder Woman’s number should they need us…..Fancy another Ice Cream?”

“OK – but I want an Orange pop this time – this green one’s reminding me of home!”