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  • A la Carte

    I When i was little i called them wiggly worms they were served up on toast and they were covered in tomato nowadays they’re a base for all kinds of topping Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette II Freshly caught from the sea steamed till its just falling apart and served up with parsley or lemon butter […]

  • Pesto


    Perhaps its the parmesan enveloping the pasta in sensational flavours to me – its the basil and tomato on an attack of the tastebuds

  • Spaghetti II

    Spaghetti II

    I Like long blonde hairs they sit in the silvery tube waiting to lie in the bubble bath of water, oil and salt II Resolve in the steam ? a surprise Durum wheat holding out until the moment arrives and surrender to the bubbling water III Sauce bubbles away as they sit in the jacuzzi […]

  • Deliciosa!


    #cyw #Macandcheese Maybe its the twirly pasta i like so much Allied with the cheese (and occasional onion) that covers it all over Could it be the hidden elements – like Ham, or could it be the variety of cheese you put in Everything from Emmantal to good old Cheddar Each different cheese has a […]

  • Wizardry

    #Discover Prompts #Food #Dish 6th April 2020 While i was busy sketching away in the kitchen, dad was busy zipping around with tomatoes and beef and carrots and onion, creating a wonderful dish, based round the pasta shells that were dancing away in boiling water, and a little olive oil

  • Authentic

    Something to note when you next go into the supermarket that durum wheat spaghetti you picked off the shelf for a really cheap price probably has a more local flavour than Milan or Turin Although they’ve stuck to recipe – noted chefs will tell you – the product hasn’t seen hair of a Dock or […]

  • Tomato


    Together on the vine they grow Over time they develop Making a change from green to yellow or red As the colour changes so does flavour and sweetness They can be eaten hot or cold, in soups, fried or grilled Or cooked down and used in a pasta dish, or salad

  • Challenge 30 – No10

    Challenge 30 – No10

    Food…..or should I say Foooood! I could be some time with this particular part of the challenge !(sic) I mean where to begin – I’m a bit of a foodie. I enjoy my food – not just the meats but the pasta and vegetables as well. Christmas time sees a smorgasbord of delights, from Spiced […]

  • Take me there

    Authentic give me a taste of italy wi fresh pasta, tomatoes and herbs make that sauce sing serve it up with grated Parmesan and lemon and juicy green olives taking me to Napoli or Bologna without the need of a plane ticket

  • Pasta!!!!


    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Food for the Soul (and the Stomach).” When considering ‘food for the soul’ I have to look back at some of the origins of my favourite food The Lords prayer says “Give us this day, our daily bread”, but If the Chinese, Italians (or even some of the […]