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  • Pairs

    Salford, 9th April 2020 #Discoverprompt #DiscoverWP #Pairs Two of everything Pair of woollen gloves Pulled over two frosty hands Perfect on cold winter days

  • Hands

    I Holding on to a big hand when very little II Little spoons for eating up mushed up rusks III Counter-weight as wobbly feet master walking IV Calculation , English and Art Mastered over weeks months and years With help from Mum and Dad V Pulling on Shirts, Jumpers and Trousers On way to big […]

  • Wizardry

    #Discover Prompts #Food #Dish 6th April 2020 While i was busy sketching away in the kitchen, dad was busy zipping around with tomatoes and beef and carrots and onion, creating a wonderful dish, based round the pasta shells that were dancing away in boiling water, and a little olive oil

  • Toastie II

    Toastie II

    #Discoverprompts #Food # Toastie Salford, Sunday 5th April 2020 To many, it’s better than Sunday Lunch Over the country, they’ve been cooking under the grill A combination of Ham and Cheese, and sometimes tomato Sitting under the grill and combining to make a Totally tasty treat Instantaneous flavour from bite to bite End to scrumptious […]

  • Street

    Salford, 5th April 2020 #Discoverprompt #DiscoverWP #Street Another tail from inky I think of it like a branch of a tree follow it back long enough and you’ll find the grocers , the bakers, the butchers schools and doctors maybe a theatre or gallery and houses tall and small and a much larger branch pointing […]

  • Song

    #DiscoverWP #Song Saturday afternoon – and beyond the double glazing On tune, northern birds are belting out one hell of a tune Note – this isn’t the female humans here – but the Graceful sounds of our feathered friends singing above.

  • Four elements from nature

    Four elements from nature

    #discoverwp northern winds bring the clouds to the British isles over the hillsides they come and droplets fall rivers and streams flow down hill, over the terrain containing the minerals in the ground hot coals keeping miners cottages warm everybody expects an icy blast this time of year, rainbows ,Christmas trees, and snowmen, an added […]

  • An apology – from Fido

    Given the photograph that accompanied the latest daily post here’s my attempt in response to the prompt Apology Hope you enjoy it I’m sorry. My moment of madness is unforgivable I Know right now – i’m in the Doghouse but I was let down by my nose you see it led me to the sunday […]