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  • Walking the dog

    Walking the dog

    When you’re walking man’s best friend, it’s always important to let him take the lead from time to time keep up with him, and give him the run of the park it’ll make him want to head back home eventually – even though he’s done this routine from sunrise to sunset.

  • Off on a Walk

    #Christmas #Dog #Walk Cooped up inside He tried his best to enjoy the festivities Reality is – despite playing with all his toys Indoors isn’t where he wanted to be So, he persuaded his owner To take him for a walk over the Mossy greens of the local park where A host of trees and […]

  • Clever Doggie

    Clever Doggie

    #WDYS They say dogs are cleverer than cats but this one stands tall among the rest despite the fact he’s rather small he drives the other dogs bats for he can skateboard, paint and take on the best running his opponents for a bone and while other dogs hit the wall he’ll take the prize […]

  • Timberwolf


    #CYW #Timberwolf There’s something unique in this relation of your pet pooch maybe its the way they band together when they’re searching for supper, everyone helping out in the pack roaming the forests as one – when they’ve found their food old and young share looking after one another – family – like you and […]

  • Spotted


    #writephoto On a walk, down a country lane two old friends meet up again it might seem strange – for feather and fur for a friendship to occur but friends they are to a tee and greet each other happy as can be with a woof and a honk passing on by its their special […]

  • Happy Times

    Happy Times

    #Napowrimo #Day22 #paperswans #pawprint #beach #dog perhaps its a short-lasting moment an imprint on this stretch of dampened sand what i see, are the moments when puppy and i danced and scampered round the dampened sand in the warm summer sun now a memory to cherish

  • Puppydog


    Salford, 4th March 2021 You had him at “Hello” scampering from his favourite spot in the house where mum or dad had given him his lunch and he’s wrapped up in his warm blanket he’s waited for an age to tell you what fun he’s had chasing balls in the garden or playing with his […]

  • On the farm

    #Poetry #Farm #Animals Another poem from yours truly using the Salt & Pepper Fonts

  • Wrinkle

    Salford 17th March 2018 Wrinkle Another day goes by Another crease forms on the face A new laughter line joins by the eye Age they say is a concept You can be young – even after fifty, Experts say (at the age of thirty) I smile at that assertion as i look at next doors […]

  • Underdog

    Underdog Unusual for the runt of the litter to be top of the pile Not used to being top of the tree Destiny wasn’t really set out for this dog, but Expect a surprise, for while you write him off this Right little talented animal is Doing his thing in front of the tv judges […]