Tag: Herbs

  • Gyros


    Eccles, 22nd September 2021 Greek style wraps you can enjoy any place – any time running through the Lamb chicken or veg over everything – herbs and spices and some of the Greek Tsatziki (Delicious!)

  • Pesto


    Perhaps its the parmesan enveloping the pasta in sensational flavours to me – its the basil and tomato on an attack of the tastebuds

  • Cordial

    #Fowc #Cordial Crafted from the finest grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants Out of the copper kettle it came Reinforced with herbs and spices , not forgetting the sugar Drank in a ceramic mug It’s something to be enjoyed either hot or cold, but As its Autumn, and Winter is around the corner Likelihood is you’ll be […]

  • Orchestrate

    #Wordpress Prompts #Orchestrate 10th April 2020 The pan – the arena for potatoes carrots and cabbage to star in a theatrical number with the humble tomato dancing around in a pool of delicious stock releasing flavours and aromas into the air stock cubes and herbs await stage left but their arrival has to be timed […]

  • Eggplant

    4th January 2020 Everyone our way knows it as an aubergine grilled and served up with grated cheese and tomato purple tinge to its black skin – never known once grilled leaping to life in any greek dish and lipsmackingly wonderful on a summers day note though – best served with oil and herbs tastes […]

  • Skimp

    #fowc #skimp Silly to go overboard , wi the cost cutting Keeping the budgets down Isn’t going to improve that recipe, you’re Making in the kitchen Pepper and Salt ? Where’s the rest of the seasonings ?

  • Take me there

    Authentic give me a taste of italy wi fresh pasta, tomatoes and herbs make that sauce sing serve it up with grated Parmesan and lemon and juicy green olives taking me to Napoli or Bologna without the need of a plane ticket

  • Asparagus


    #Coloryourworld #Cyw #Asparagus As far as I know, I’ve never seen your flowers Some gardeners I’ve spoken to say they’re white, some say yellow Perhaps they’re both right – but its your green stalks that Attract the cooking fraternity , as you bathe in butter and herbs Rolling around the pan developing your flavour Adorable little […]