Cooking Food Poetry


#fowc #octpowrimo #remnant

Observing the carnage from the previous meal

The scraps of leftover chicken

potatoes, carrots and peas

picks for the composting bin?

possibly, but that’s already claimed the peelings.

pan suggests a remnant revival

returning the roasts and carrots to the pan

reviving them in a little butter or maybe stock

roasted chicken and cranberry – added last minute

sausages added to bulk it out

squeaks from the pan – the remnants call out

new dish of the day ? the kids all shout

a dinner tasty – from last nights tea? The kids are cheering with glee



#Writeclub #Slampoetry

Todays attempt at slam poetry, created in the on-line session of #writeclub

Passing down the road,
he seemed such a gent,
and then – passing a bin – a deliberate act,
created reactions – obvious fact –
off to the match, with his fish and chips –
as soon as the last whole chip passed his lips –
falling to the floor a greasy mass –
merely a foot from a bin by the grass –
walked away briskly, to get to the game
leaving leftover bits to the neighbours shame
expectation – their thought – you would aid their cause –
so he’d get to the game early – mate, don’t expect applause….

Acrostic Christmas Festive Food Memories

Bubble and Squeak

#fowc #food #christmas #leftovers

Salford, 26th December 2019

By the time the pans were in the sink

undertakings of the Christmas leftovers were being sorted out

bird of the day stripped down to its carcass and

boxed up – and placed in the refridgerator

like the vegetables left behind from the feast

everyone knew what was for tomorrows dinner

Sizzle – went the pan – as meat and vegetables combined

quickly in motion with the aid of a bit of oil and butter

unlike the meal before it – this had a flavour all of its own

encompassing all its ingredients and perhaps one or two more

as the smell of the concoction – drifted on the cold winter air – leaving the

kitchen and wafting under the noses of everyone nearby

Christmas Food Poetry

Bubble and Squeak

Salford, 29th December 2017

#food #christmas #cooking #bubbleandsqueak #leftovers


I knew it was coming – the creation of a masterpiece.

something from the remains of the Christmas feast – to warm everybody up

chef using concoctions to heighten the flavour of the dish

in first went the potatoes (roast and boiled), and then the onion – accompanied by a drop of oil.

then went the parnsip, turnip and swede.  followed by the carrots

the meat from the leftovers cubed and joined in the heat by a stock cube

and as you listened to the pan – the contents started to bubble

half way there – and with the turn of the veg – it started to speak

squeaking away with a sizzle

bubble and squeak by inky