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It takes time to cook as

King of the greek menu

lounging around in slow bath of tomatoes, onions and potatoes

enveloping the smells and tastes of lemon

fresh feta cheese and oregano

traditionally made this way for years

its slow cooked to let the meat

fall off the bone, and infuse in all those lovely flavours

of course, being Lamb – it serves more than one – be happy to share



#fowc #realm

Reaching out as far as the eye can see

eighty little villages and farms circled by a sea

at the centre – a majestic castle, sitting atop a grand hill

lords and ladies coming to visit their ruler in the

majesty of this grand palace

Character Manchester Museum Museums

Grin and Bear it

Manchester Museum, 1st March 2021

It’s not easy being king of the dinos

you’re buried under the land

for what seems like ages

and kept away from the sun

so you take a bit of a nap

all of a sudden, something with teeth like yours

is uncovering you, in the cold

and they’re using your bones like a jigsaw puzzle

all put together in a grand place of learning

the other dinos around in the space dont say very much

but the descendants of the cavemen are all pointing their magic boxes at you

so you pose and you smile at the little uns below

as you give them a grin

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Sing a Song of Sixpence

I’ve always liked nursery rhymes. I’ve enjoyed them as a child growing up and  since reading authors like Roald Dahl , Spike Milligan, and Michael Rosen – I’ve also liked how they put a twist in the tale

I’ve written something along a similar line on the Nursery Rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence” – hope you all enjoy the read, feel free to comment.

Sing a song of sixpence
A pocket full of rye
Four and twenty blackbirds
Eating Apple pie

When the pie was flown round,
The kings chef took a swing
But ended up in the castle yard
Trying to save the thing

The king came from his counting house
And saw his horse cart break
The queen came from her parlour
To aid the poor chefs aches

The knights they looked all sullen
The squires all forlorn
As yummy Apple pie did fade
And blackbirds treat was born

The maid came from the kitchen
And announced (with a cough)
“No apples to see, it’s sponge for tea –
The Apple pie is off!”