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Sat outside the house

expectations – minimal

No – one is going to get past this clever cat

they will get an awful shock if they try from those

really pristine clipped claws

you think he’s a house cat – he’s more of a tiger!

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In Other Words – Delicious

A five line response to the picture provided for the prompt by Patricia’s Place @

perfectly pampered puddytat

ponders whats for tea

perhaps chicken or pork, or maybe – beef ?

his belief – but today his wish

is a big plate of fish

Acrostic Animals Poetry


Tuesday 16th July 2019

#FOWC #Escape

Everyday the kids would go to the hamster cage

Seeing their pet

Congregating the wood shavings

A great amusement for the kids – what wasn’t known – their

Pet was enjoying a second lunch by the wall, an

Escape tunnel towards the garden was being built.

Acrostic Animals Poetry



Cousin to the king of the beasts

anybody would think

that it would be madness to take it on

Collectively though – the wildness

ails away, when the beast needs feeding

the prince of the jungle becomes felis domestica

Coming out of the forest and scouting the garden

a happy little kitty – toys with a catnip mouse

the only thing (except dinner) he wants to seek out

Camping in his little den

and happy to be his owners pet

this cousin of kings – content as can be

Acrostic Birds Cats Food Treats


Salford 22nd September

An Acrostic in response to the Daily Post….


Cakes and puddings

Resolutely rounded off, their memory occasionally left

Under the dining room table – a veritable feast for the domestic

Mouse, guinea pig or hamster who help themselves to the

Bits of topping  missed by mum or dad

Look out , underfoot – and

Expect to find a very happy pet indeed – eating the crumbs


Animals Home Poetry



Salford, 19th September 2017


by Brian F Kirkham

little puss woken by mother,

now wants to walk outside

bright lights ahead

he wants to explore

so his little paws touch

the living room floor

Acrostic Beach Birds Greece Holidays Life



A reflection.


Sat a cafe bar on a greek island, enjoying fish and chips

taking in the breeze off the azure blue sea and

observing the comings and goings of the day – when

reactions are heightened by two feathered locals

kept company down the marble path by their owner


! i’d tell you what they were – but i reckon you would guess!

Animals Poetry

Rovers Dream

I’m resharing this poem, because I like it so much – brightens up a rainy day 🙂

The Inkwell


A piece of poetry written for by me


In a corner, on his cushion he sleeps
Rover, a dog who jumps and leaps.
He’s on a Canine stretch of joys,
A beach that’s full of bones and toys.
And whilst there he’ll have his fill,
of ham hocks whilst there’s time to kill.
And when he’s full he’ll fill his goal,
of landing bones in every hole.
When there’s nothing left to do
his choice of chew toys he will chew,
and balls and bones of rubber he’ll play,
until its time for the start of the day.
Just before daybreak, on the beach he’ll pick
an arboreal plaything, in form of a stick
One final run , to stretch his paws
and then he’s woken by ‘im indoors
but he wont be ever so glum,
when facing his breakfast of Pedigree Chum!

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The conversant cat

A post for
Literate for a Day

It came as a bit of a shock for Auntie M.

She’d just put out a tin of sardines for her cat, Tiddles when it happened

He pitter-pattered into the kitchen, took a look at his lunch – and instead of meowing – asked her a question

Can I have Corned Beef Instead, Mummy ?”

Dazed by a state of surprise, she dashed down to the Grocer to get some.

And whilst Tiddles munched on his new lunch – Auntie M phoned Mum

At Home mum picked up the phone “Have you taken your tablets Auntie M ?” Mum asked, sounding concerned

“Look, I’m as sane as the next woman” She replied “Tiddles is Talking!!”

The family was bundled off into the car and made their way to Auntie M’s

By the time we’d arrived, Tiddles was sleeping off his new found dinner in his pet basket.  Dad picked up the big furry pussycat and looked at him closely – Tiddles returned the favour – giving Dad one of those looks as if to say “Put one hand too close – you’ll get a paw in the mush!”.”He looks OK to me..” said dad ….” are you sure you didn’t hear the TV?”

“No! He talked I tell you”, Auntie M protested ” just like I’m talking to you now!”

“Barmy!” said Dad

Mum then cut into the conversation -“Now Luv, Don’t talk to Auntie M like that – think of the kids..”

Dad looked at Mum – then at Auntie M then at the Cat – “It’s got to be said…I’ve never heard such…”

The raised voices were broken by my little sister, giggling away happily in her buggy.

“what you need is some fresh air…Auntie M…we’re taking Anne to the park for a ride in her buggy” – she paused – “Do you want to come ?”

“But what about Tiddles ?”

“Your Nephew can look after him…come on, you’ll enjoy it!”

reluctantly , Auntie M went down to the park with the rest of the family

Tiddles jumped on to my lap as I sat on the sofa – he looked up at me and smiled.

Silly old puss. I thought. What have you done to give Auntie a fright ??  Tiddles just sat in my lap, purring away.  He seemed to like sitting there.

I turned the Telly on to watch the rest of the Saturday morning cartoons

Up in the clear blue sky was the moon – perfectly round and bright as a button

“Spooky thing is the moon in the day…” I said, Thinking aloud, as I rubbed Tiddles neck…he was purring contently

I Know!” came the reply

I leapt out of the seat and tiddles went upwards in the air and landed paws first on his cat cushion

“sorry about that…”, he said from the cushion, “but it needed to be said”

And then he explained it – Once every year around the time of the full moon, Tiddles and the other cats in the street could talk – like their owners.  However , being the shy retiring type – Tiddles had been building up the courage to talk to Auntie M – and gave her a fright in the kitchen

So instead of talking to Auntie M – Tiddles and I talked…we talked about Cats (Naturally) and Fish and Treats , reasons why balls of wool beat any catnip mouse, what his favourite foods were (certain pet foods just will not do)  and the special time when the moon appeared full in the sky.

I’m going to miss talking like this…”  Tiddles sighed “That’s the saddest thing about it

“Tell you what” I said ” I’ll come and visit you – and you can tell me all about your day when I visit”

That’ll be nice!” said Tiddles “I Tried talking to that nice Persian Blue next door but I didn’t get anywhere with her…”

Puzzled, I asked the furry pussycat..”Why’s that Tiddles ?”

Tiddles put his paws over his eyes and gave a meow

She talks foreign!”