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A reflection.


Sat a cafe bar on a greek island, enjoying fish and chips

taking in the breeze off the azure blue sea and

observing the comings and goings of the day – when

reactions are heightened by two feathered locals

kept company down the marble path by their owner


! i’d tell you what they were – but i reckon you would guess!

Out of Focus

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Salford 19th June 2017

in response to wordpress photo challenge Focus

Blurred Church

Here’s a Pic of A Greek Chapel, in Crete taken during a recent family holiday.

I played around with the depth of field in this shot – concentrating the focus on the chapel and the bench outside.

Being a chapel – I couldn’t take a shot of the inside.  So i concentrated on the area around it!

Camera used was my Trusty Digital Stills Camera from Sony, additional tweaks to the Depth of field was done using Adobe photoshop elements.

And for those who wanted to see the original pic of the chapel – here it is….




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During the sackings of Rome and Greece

The builders fled the construction site

Leaving the temple and markets to birds

As angry protesters had their words

The wreckage that built up was left in the sand

till one day a man from museum had plans

to recover the buildings located by sea

and learn of the heritage of the site for free


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Daily post prompt – Island

No man is an Island – that’s how the tale goes

But for one hour, around sunrise on Alykanas Beach, I truly was at home on this little Greek island – Zakynthos

We’d gone there on a family holiday.  The plane had landed late that night, so I let Mum and Dad and the rest of our party have an extended nap in the family apartment.

There was no one there – just me, the sea and an occasional sea bird.

The rock I was sat on, led directly to the path of the apartment.

So as the waves lapped against the shore, I saw the morning sky turn from dark into light.

And upon taking the picture below, I popped my toes into the coolness of the Mediterranean sea.


Ionian Blue

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Alykanas Beach

Alykanas Beach – Zakynthos

Warm blue skies in a Zakynthian Sky,

white fluffy clouds go passing by

floating away like waves in the breeze

which lap up slowly, hitting your knees

Golden sand meets with the blue of the sea

Oranges hang high in a Greek orchards tree

Little fish swim in the sea round your feet

Nipping your toes for a little treat

Music is played by a traditional band,

as you bury your toes deep down in the sand

and solar rays turn worshippers from white into brown

Just in time for their night on the town