Acrostic Food Nature

Mushroom II

#writeclub #Mushroom

Many different but

Unusual plants can be

Searched out around a tree.

Hard work is required to separate good from bad but

Really tasty varieties can be found

Out in the woodland,

Of course – it’s best to get an expert to help

Making a dinner out of the nasty ones – might make you ill

Cooking Food Poetry


#fowc #octpowrimo #remnant

Observing the carnage from the previous meal

The scraps of leftover chicken

potatoes, carrots and peas

picks for the composting bin?

possibly, but that’s already claimed the peelings.

pan suggests a remnant revival

returning the roasts and carrots to the pan

reviving them in a little butter or maybe stock

roasted chicken and cranberry – added last minute

sausages added to bulk it out

squeaks from the pan – the remnants call out

new dish of the day ? the kids all shout

a dinner tasty – from last nights tea? The kids are cheering with glee

Cooking Food Poetry Schooldays

Jam Roly Poly

#food #baking #pudding #jam #custard

Egg Sugar Flour and Butter

combine with fruit for something after tea

a little thing that’s fruity and sweet

with a layer that’s simply utter

delicious, flavoursome and buttery

its the fruit covered layer – that gives it a swirl

served up with custard its hard to beat

a childhood favourite – why not give it a whirl ?

Cooking Food Fruit Garden Nature

A fruity San-San

#fruit #tree #pie #San-San

Growing against the stone tudor wall

hanging fruit ripens for the pie

coming from the tree but once a season

the fruit answers the cooks call

as over the garden young birds do fly

could this be why its baked with haste

there could be no other plausible reason

to deprive the feathered friends a taste

Cooking Eating Food Poetry


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As they were released from the

Strings holding them together, the

Purple tipped stalks were prepared for the dinner plate

A motley bunch of greens

Roasted in a pan with other vegetables

A side to the main food star on the plate

Green and purple showing off the white of the fish

Up and around where it were sitting

Something to chew over , with the fish and tomatoes

Cooking Food

A la Carte


When i was little

i called them wiggly worms

they were served up on toast

and they were covered in tomato

nowadays they’re a base

for all kinds of topping

Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette


Freshly caught from the sea

steamed till its just falling apart

and served up with parsley or lemon butter

or perhaps dropped into batter

and sent into hot fat

before being served with chunky potatoes

and Mushy Peas


Its been bubbling away

since dad put in on the hob at lunchtime

Onion , Carrot, Potatoes

Dancing around in a pan

with the best bits of beef from the butcher

and dont forget – the stock cubes

(or the dumplings!)

Colours Cooking Fun


#cyw #almond

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A tasty treat – whether its

lining the outside of a cake or its innards

marzipan makes some great decoration

of course its tasty as part of the cake too

newcomers to these treats might need some training

dont forget to break it open – that shell is hard!

Food Greece Holidays Poetry


It takes time to cook as

King of the greek menu

lounging around in slow bath of tomatoes, onions and potatoes

enveloping the smells and tastes of lemon

fresh feta cheese and oregano

traditionally made this way for years

its slow cooked to let the meat

fall off the bone, and infuse in all those lovely flavours

of course, being Lamb – it serves more than one – be happy to share

Cooking Poetry

How do you do it ?

#Cooking #ambition

The Michelin guide must be breathing

a collective sigh of relief

for their restaurants chefs

are safe from you

Experiments – have to be tried

some of us have had mars bars fried

but strawberry sauce served up with grouse ?

a novel idea – that won’t bring down the house

Masterchef doesn’t need to give you a call

for this other new dish – has gone to the wall

Bananas and Beetroot – in a chocolate sauce ?

with a minted granita – a tour de force!

Breakfast Cooking Food Pleasures Poetry

Campfire Breakfasts

#Writeclub #Camping #Reflection

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Preparation is key

while your big billy can

is boiling up your morning tea

you don’t want to waste supplies on your first efforts

Using a steel bowl for the mixing

eight eggs meet up with salt and pepper

as butter melts in the pan

the bread has to be thick to soak up

the golden liquid it descends into

herbs ? onions ? cheese or ham ? Additional options for the masterpiece

but cook off the ingredients over the glowing embers

before putting those golden slices on the pan