Rising Up

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: Tanya Grant. The trees started off small Tiny compared to their parents The saplings sleeping in their bed of soil The animals that lived there Shared the spoils, feeding the tree while eating the fruit And slowly the trees headed for the sky and from the tops littleContinue reading “Rising Up”

Decorator Crab

#Napowrimo #sea #ocean #crustacean Down at the bottom of the coastal water – is everyone’s favourite crustacean creating his clever disguise to fool even the most sharp eyed bird over the sea bed he collects bits of shell and oyster pearl reactions from the neighbours ? they love it admiring from afar there is aContinue reading “Decorator Crab”

What lies beneath

#writeclub #whatliesbeneath #napowrimo I In the Garden Guarded by Gnomes under the depths of your lawn flower bulbs lie sleeping awaiting the first rays of spring II A little bit deeper you’ll come across sand, soil and clay and perhaps some tesserae from a roman dwelling or villa Coins from a market , eating ironsContinue reading “What lies beneath”

Taken over

#Horror beware, meat eaters the times they are a changin’ your local supermercado is under new management and things they’re re-arranging see you won’t find chicken’s in the frozen isle you’ll find them on a grass bank by the store fruit and veg are all been sown and the stuff in the store has allContinue reading “Taken over”

Filling the page

#socs #page It’s the quandary of any writer – professional or otherwise brace yourself – a blank page if you have a prompt – well that’s a start but if you haven’t – you’re falling on that part of your mind that invents and creates inspiration from the things around you what’s that bird that’sContinue reading “Filling the page”


#fowc #Mayhem There was a great hullabaloo at the local coastal zoo the animals were out to play as Mr Keeper was on holiday The Lions were playing the rhinos in a game of five a side The mummy lions with their cubs cheering on with pride The elephants had experienced ice cream and enjoyedContinue reading “Mayhem”

Green Police

#COP26 #UnitedNations #Glasgow I watched the news today they say the worlds getting warmer they say the seas are rising and if we don’t do something soon its going to get worse today I watched the news today the great people of the world discussing how to save the earth while traders around the globeContinue reading “Green Police”

Tropical Rain Forest

#CYW #Tropicalrainforest To humans living by the rainforest – a treasure for market to sell Inhabitants there think differently under leaves a place they call home Tree frogs and reptiles Live up in the leafy mass looking for a meal Birds rest their small claws before flying into blue heading for tiddlers