Scouting Scouts

The new scout section

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Imagine my surprise to see

something to make me smile at tea

reminding me of a place

that brought a smile upon my face

I was once a young cub scout

and played with others and learned about

making things, and knots and tents

and camping outside, quite content

I remember the beavers – who wanted to be cubs

and the games and activities , picking out grubs

making things for mum and dad

and telling them of the fun that they had

Now there’s a section – for younger ones too

They call em the “Squirrels” (I know they’re new!)

doing the things scouty for fun

and jumping and around and having a run

With Squirrels and Beavers and Wolfcubs abound

The scout families healthy with lots of em round

learning new things , in enjoyment and play

and enjoying themselves each and every day



#fowc #Colloquial

Casual conversations around

oval or round tables as

lunches (or dinners) are served alfresco

lovingly by the chef in the summer sun

of course the burgers steaks and salad have something to

quench the thirst

unless you’re young or driving – its wine or beer

if you are young or driving – its fizzy pop or fruit juice

a time to meet up – and catch up with news with

loved ones you haven’t seen in a while

BASIC Learning Photography

Behind the Camera Again…

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, Lancashire

5th October 2016

My Humble little Bridge Camera – Used at BASICs Camera Group

With Summer Holidays over, the BASIC Camera group met up at our base at the Brain and Injury Centre in Salford

Some of us were still away, but this allowed our brilliant tutor Maggie to discuss with those present what we were to cover in the run up to Christmas

The lessons have allowed those who attend it to use their skills and abilities, and so far we’ve created some brilliant pieces – some of which are on this blog!

Together we agreed to concentrate on Weather, Landscapes and Backgrounds – returning to other sessions when we do stuff on the computer, hence we will be concentrating on using photo software like photoshop commencing next week.

Fingers crossed – we may do something Festive in December – but I’m just looking forward to learning some new stuff on Photoshop.



BASIC Flowers Garden Photography

Details – a photo challenge



Here is a flower, caught in a block of melting ice.

It was originally yellow , its colour faded as there was nowhere to transport any nutrients to.  To some, this may be a sad scene but to others they say – Look again.

The detail of the Flower – captured, in a moment of time

The cold, frosty ice – holding the flower in that moment, whilst the air bubbles around it seem to bring it back to life, as it enhances every of the flowers petals, and every one of its individual ridges.  Its true – the ice will melt – indeed, look closely it is melting.  But whilst it maintains most of its solidity it shows the flowers contures, and lines – in fact, the very character of the flower.


Another flower, in a block of ice

This flower seems to have had better luck than the first – in that it has maintained its colour.  The oxygen bubbles once more seem to have danced around the flowerhead and each of the flowers petals have been highlighted in the ice.

The details highlighted the flowers formation


Backlit flowers, on a background of fabrics

These flowers were brought to life, not by ice – but by the power of light.

Individual tulips were set out on a fabric base and lit from behind using a torch for the light source.  I liked the way each of the flowers own individual details were brought to life by the light coming through the shimmery fabric.


Queen Mother Rose, taken outside in BASICs Enchanted Garden

One of my favourite outdoor pics – I liked the individual petal formation and the lovely colours of this rose.