Learning Life



Building blocks of different shape and colour

Teach all sorts of useful skill

And its lots of fun when they fall over


They might call you a marvel of language

but you’ve got to engage with the locals

if you want to order your lunch


Your eye is the best judge

but don’t be disheartened

if that pear looks like a plum

add a peach to the fruitbowl instead


Picking a subject

taking a shot

if you’re not happy with your shot

there’s always the delete button

or perhaps you could edit it at home ?


Yellow tennis ball

perfect thing for practicing

reflex actions

catching out in the field

(The red cork ball – saved for match day)

Acrostic Eating Life Weather

A Fine parade

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Some of the language,
applied by the adults
could not be readily
repeated in front of the young

but when you’re promised sunshine and its
lashing down buckets of H20 on
everyone’s heads – picnic ruined
understandably – its the forecaster to blame

Learning Museums

Making my way through Makaton

Tuesday 12th January 2016

Monday afternoons normally find me in the Imperial War Museum’s Ground Floor Section, where I help with Visitor Enquiries and the Your History Family History section

This Monday was a little bit different, as I joined a group of Volunteers in a session in one of our Learning Rooms where we learned about the Language programme, Makaton

Makaton helps those with learning or communication difficulties get what they want to say across using a mix of Signs, Symbols and Speech.  It helps develop their communication and literacy skills

We learned some basic concepts in using the Makaton System.  Our Tutor kept to the topic of how we would use Makaton within the Museum, and by the end of the session we had learned 30 concepts to do with the museum.

Hardest part of the session ? trying to describe something without talking!