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  • Robust


    #fowc #robust what was cooking on the stove was quite a combination what yesterdays roast lamb needed was something that would stand together with its rich flavour Carrots and Onion cooked down with some tomato and joined up with the leftover potatoes to create a dish that was quite different to the Sunday lunch but […]

  • Simmering


    Something sensational was coming from the Kitchen in seconds the waft of chicken , ham and vegetables made its way through the ground floor and moseyed upstairs to tell my senses everybody – grab your eating irons – its ready rendezvousing with crusty bread and salt and pepper in a combination you will never forget […]

  • Every kind of potato

    Every kind of potato

    How’d you like your spuds ? , lass, I say, How’d you like your spuds Boiled or Mashed ? Baked or fried with spices and vinegar liberally applied ? Perhaps you’ll like them roasted with herbs or chilli scattered served alongside a lovely fish thats been breaded or perhaps battered Maybe you’ll eat em in […]

  • A la Carte

    I When i was little i called them wiggly worms they were served up on toast and they were covered in tomato nowadays they’re a base for all kinds of topping Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette II Freshly caught from the sea steamed till its just falling apart and served up with parsley or lemon butter […]

  • Backwoods Stew

    Backwoods Stew

    #Scouts #Cubs #Beavers #Supper The ingredients were simple enough, Taters in the embers of some dying beechwood Corned beef, Some Carrots and a very big onion Butter for frying, and some stock cubes for flavour The Metallic billy can protected by the finest washing liquid as flames licked the sides of the can As the […]

  • Ode to a Crispy Fish

    Salford, 6th March 2020 Oh, what a wondrous life you must have led swimming up and down the waters of the British isles caught in the sailors net and frozen before meeting a factory bandsaw Brought back to life in the kitchen by butter and oil dressed in lemon , dill and breadcrumbs or even […]