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  • Scaffolding


    #Napowrimo #Syntax #Scaffolding They’re building something – big Metallic spaghetti rising high into the sky Something to keep the buildings bits together while it’s put in its place Its going to be big soaring into the skies above the builders on its framework need a head for heights Ladders reaching for the moon as floors […]

  • A la Carte

    I When i was little i called them wiggly worms they were served up on toast and they were covered in tomato nowadays they’re a base for all kinds of topping Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette II Freshly caught from the sea steamed till its just falling apart and served up with parsley or lemon butter […]

  • Spaghetti II

    Spaghetti II

    I Like long blonde hairs they sit in the silvery tube waiting to lie in the bubble bath of water, oil and salt II Resolve in the steam ? a surprise Durum wheat holding out until the moment arrives and surrender to the bubbling water III Sauce bubbles away as they sit in the jacuzzi […]

  • Wizardry

    #Discover Prompts #Food #Dish 6th April 2020 While i was busy sketching away in the kitchen, dad was busy zipping around with tomatoes and beef and carrots and onion, creating a wonderful dish, based round the pasta shells that were dancing away in boiling water, and a little olive oil

  • Spaghetti

    Salford 3rd February 2020 #food #acrostic #spaghetti #bolognaise Sent headlong into the boiling water Pasta long and thin took a bit of a hot bath As it did, the concoction it was being served with Gradually came together, as minced beef met up in a Hot tomato jacuzzi with onion , carrot and mushroom Eventually, […]