In Other Words – Delicious

A five line response to the picture provided for the prompt by Patricia’s Place @ perfectly pampered puddytat ponders whats for tea perhaps chicken or pork, or maybe – beef ? his belief – but today his wish is a big plate of fish

In other words – Peanut Butter II

(### The FIVE LINES OR LESS EDITION ###) Scraping the content from around the brim While the jar of delight moves in the breeze It’s manna from heaven for this master of flight Now clinging on the chains in happiness as the Green bird gets his fill in the garden

In other words – Peanut Butter

#inotherwords #peanutbutter Possibly, he’s potty about this stuff enjoying the sticky paste to the full as he’s perched by his claws on the jar note though, as the nuts are in the butter – his head up to his beak in the smooth paste Best thing of all though, is Until he’s through The jarContinue reading “In other words – Peanut Butter”