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Mashed Potato

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Here you go –

You’ve been waiting

for that time when the

bubbles around the spuds


The water goes diving,

Normally the spuds

would be heading for the oven

but not today

Numbers of spuds

become a single thing

with the help of the masher

and a bit of butter

addition’s a plenty

sausages see fried onions, (or onion gravy)

chops get apple (or Mint)

depending on the meat

and Fish? Always parsley sauce.

Christmas Festive



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the preparation for the festivities

has been a little different this year

but it hasn’t stopped

little uns writing off to mr claus

all is quiet on the street outside

but if you listen beyond the double glazing

you might hear the sound of a sleigh bell or two

while vegetables are being peeled and chopped

in preparation for tomorrows feast

and in the distance – little elves are busy

making sure the wrapped up gifts

get to the right house

in time for Christmas day

Cooking Eating Food Poetry


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As they were released from the

Strings holding them together, the

Purple tipped stalks were prepared for the dinner plate

A motley bunch of greens

Roasted in a pan with other vegetables

A side to the main food star on the plate

Green and purple showing off the white of the fish

Up and around where it were sitting

Something to chew over , with the fish and tomatoes

Cooking Food

A la Carte


When i was little

i called them wiggly worms

they were served up on toast

and they were covered in tomato

nowadays they’re a base

for all kinds of topping

Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette


Freshly caught from the sea

steamed till its just falling apart

and served up with parsley or lemon butter

or perhaps dropped into batter

and sent into hot fat

before being served with chunky potatoes

and Mushy Peas


Its been bubbling away

since dad put in on the hob at lunchtime

Onion , Carrot, Potatoes

Dancing around in a pan

with the best bits of beef from the butcher

and dont forget – the stock cubes

(or the dumplings!)




Dunkin :image from stock art by inky

It wasn’t the walk through wintery woods

that bothered this hardened explorer

or the westerly wind knocking

on the wooden window frame

or the wait for his dinner to be cooked on

his camping gas stove

It was more the length of time

spent dunking his oaty ships biscuits in his tea

before the biscuit fell into his mug.

Lockdown poems Poetry

Not So Bad

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With the current lockdown

the kids are back in school

forget the bug that’s virulent

the doctors overruled

Schooldesks spaced out plenty

while lessons start anew

learning english maths and all

for tests that are a due

And playtime the kids are spaced out

in their own little spots and squares

its not much fun playing on your own

but at least you’re in the fresh air

But the signs of good things a coming

can be smelt coming down from the hall

the smell of custard with pudding

has made its way through the classroom wall

Animals Childhood Christmas

Asking for Unicorns

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Salford, February 1st 2021

An impossible gift? c/o

A young lad was outside the seasonal grotto of a well known toy store in Greater Manchester

He walked up to Santa, where Santa, in his red gown and white beard, asked him the question “And what do you want for christmas little boy?”

“I want a unicorn….” said the boy

Santa looked worried, he knew the chief elf and his helpers might have a spot of trouble delivering this on Christmas eve night.

“but unicorns are mystical creatures…i can’t deliver one from the north pole…” – Santa smiled. He thought he’d got out of that hole

The little lad pondered – a bit miffed he couldn’t have his first wish – he asked for another instead

“That’s alright Santa, there is a second gift i’d like – I want all the grown-ups to be nice to one another at Christmas time….that means no grumbles, yelling, or disagreements over the dinner table…..and no hunger or anger”

Now that was a biggie…..thought the man in red

So he reached into his bag of toys – and handed the lad a toy engine

“Now….what colour do you want your Unicorn?”

Poetry Schooldays


#Invisible #life

It’s not easy being invisible….

at first i thought it would be fun

playing tricks in the playground

on each and everyone

Hiding away from the teachers gaze

while creating work that would amaze

drawing cartoons on the board in chalk

and puzzling teachers as out of class i’d walk

Occasionally the dinner staff would see me there

and fellow classmates would wonder where

i’d appeared like a rabbit – out of a hat

i said i was in the labs – and that was that

But the one girl who really caught my eye

smiled at me as i was eating my pie –

for she could see my visage coming down the stairs

and blew me a kiss – as i wasn’t aware.

Acrostic Food Poetry


Salford , 23rd April 2020

#fowc #dinner

Dining, in all of its forms

is an art form that’s

not to be missed, now you can enjoy a salad or

notibly, the roast beef, veg and yorkshire pudding but

everyone secretly has a favourite take away –

roaming over there at weekends for a supper of fish and chips

Beach Poetry Seaside Seasons


Salford, 31st March 2020

A poem on the sun going down by inky – its been published by Forward Poetry, appeared on Luna’s blog at and now its back home – enjoy the read………

The pebbles on the shore
were picked up and stacked
for skimming on the sea

Stacked with care
Precariously balanced
The wind made them wobble

The sun watched as
it created shadowy silhouettes
around the sandy shore

Till the tide began to turn
and the stack on the shore
alerted the little ones

The pebbles on the shore
told the children playing on the sand
it was time to go for dinner