Sea green

#coloryourworld #cyw #seagreen I walked out on the sea toward ocean blue the fish 🐟 they were keen they followed me too   waves gently moving from sea onto shore minnows circling round my feet on the sea floor   and out there in the shallows the waters light blue green a gem of crystalContinue reading “Sea green”


Calm Crowds sit in seaside hotels All in a state – the beach is closed because of winds Local kids cant fly their kites, say the lifeguards Making the kids unhappy   Cause of the distress ? All due to tomorrows weather forecast, Look up to the air, at the clear blue sky Maybe they’ve got it wrong –Continue reading “Calm”

Taking the leap

Second Thoughts it seemed like such a good idea at the time fuelled by bravado , and a third bottle of champagne but as you were strapped into your harness the doubts began to amass but the time for self-doubt has now gone you never know – it might be fun as you head offContinue reading “Taking the leap”

An apology – from Fido

Given the photograph that accompanied the latest daily post here’s my attempt in response to the prompt Apology Hope you enjoy it I’m sorry. My moment of madness is unforgivable I Know right now – i’m in the Doghouse but I was let down by my nose you see it led me to the sundayContinue reading “An apology – from Fido”