Sea green

Beach, Colours, Emotions, Memories

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I walked out on the sea

toward ocean blue

the fish 🐟 they were keen

they followed me too


waves gently moving

from sea onto shore

minnows circling round my feet

on the sea floor


and out there in the shallows

the waters light blue green

a gem of crystal waters

in winter rarely seen


my feet the fish 🐟 they circle

as they travel round the bay

as I enjoy a paddle

watching things around the way


Beach, Emotions, Parks


Crowds sit in seaside hotels

All in a state – the beach is closed because of winds

Local kids cant fly their kites, say the lifeguards

Making the kids unhappy


Cause of the distress ?

All due to tomorrows weather forecast,

Look up to the air, at the clear blue sky

Maybe they’ve got it wrong – stop fretting.


Cold air’s coming in from the sea

And they say it’s going to whip up some huge waves

Look at the sea tonight though – gently lapping at the shore

Moments of sheer peace as you sit watching the moon


Cheerful thing is – there’s still chance to fly

At the local park across the way

Lets not get distressed, we can return to the beach tomorrow

Maybe, we could have some pancakes on our way home


Weathered Moods

Colours, Emotions, Poetry, Weather


mood they say , comes in colour

the warm sunny yellow of a summers morning

brings the best from your smile


pastel coloured gardens happiness brings

as well as the feathered friends around them that sings

as children they play happy, in the garden they sing 🎶


rose coloured hues and bright blue skies

welcome the morning with a bright hello

as white clouds float in the air


But captured by the camera lens

the mood in the air darkens away

as clouds go from white to blackened grey


and it does something to the mind

as the rain comes down…sadness I find

as smiles are wiped away…by those

clouds in the sky that turned it dark grey


the rain falls down, the mood gets duller

but a break in the cloud becomes quite fuller

as the sun ☀️ through the cloud begins to show

and colours make people smile in a rainbow 🌈

Taking the leap

Emotions, Exploration, Inspiration, Outdoor Pursuits, Outdoors

Second Thoughts

it seemed like such a good idea at the time

fuelled by bravado , and a third bottle of champagne

but as you were strapped into your harness

the doubts began to amass

but the time for self-doubt has now gone

you never know – it might be fun

as you head off the basalt ledge

and traverse down the mountains edge

An apology – from Fido

Animals, Emotions, Food, Poetry

Given the photograph that accompanied the latest daily post here’s my attempt in response to the prompt Apology

Hope you enjoy it

I’m sorry.

My moment of madness is unforgivable

I Know right now – i’m in the Doghouse

but I was let down by my nose you see

it led me to the sunday tea

and you should know how fond I am

of a leg of ham or lamb

so I crept across the lounge room floor

and snook beyond the kitchen floor

tugging at the dishcloth white

and winning with the roast a fight

I took more than an ample munch

of my share of “sunday lunch”

Can we still be friends – and let it be ?

I promise I won’t eat your tea!

I’ll sit in the garden – on my own

and gnaw on the spoils of lunch – the bone