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  • slow down

    slow down

    #writephoto With the petrol heads ignoring the policeman’s signs to take their foot off the accelerator Mother Nature decided to intervene What’s the rush ? she asked by the roadside spreading a bit of colour in the grass by the tarmac The seeds took their time and eventually, after the clouds gave them a drink […]

  • Kleftiko


    It takes time to cook as King of the greek menu lounging around in slow bath of tomatoes, onions and potatoes enveloping the smells and tastes of lemon fresh feta cheese and oregano traditionally made this way for years its slow cooked to let the meat fall off the bone, and infuse in all those […]

  • Rectify

    Salford 3rd September Reduced to a second relic in the corner Even the technician suggested it was past its best Computer’s do have a shelf life – but To others – all that was needed, was a bit of Installation and dusting down Fresh drivers and a spot of cleaner – soon back to its […]