#Fowc #Carouse Thursday 19th March 2020 Carrying on like they were in nirvana Alert – the bouncers on the door Rowdy – you’d call their behaviour – as they left the On-licence publican’s for a place a little bit incognito Under each of the revellers arms Something rich, and red and alcoholic to go withContinue reading “Carouse”


4th January 2020 Everyone our way knows it as an aubergine grilled and served up with grated cheese and tomato purple tinge to its black skin – never known once grilled leaping to life in any greek dish and lipsmackingly wonderful on a summers day note though – best served with oil and herbs tastesContinue reading “Eggplant”


#Colouryourworld #cyw #Green   A signal to all in the garden – Spring is a go. formed from the primaries of blue skies and yellow sun you’re what give the leaves and grass a colour   grazing cows and flocking birds cheer the sight of your appearance as flowers use your colour as canvas  Continue reading “Green”