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  • Robust


    #fowc #robust what was cooking on the stove was quite a combination what yesterdays roast lamb needed was something that would stand together with its rich flavour Carrots and Onion cooked down with some tomato and joined up with the leftover potatoes to create a dish that was quite different to the Sunday lunch but […]

  • A la Carte

    I When i was little i called them wiggly worms they were served up on toast and they were covered in tomato nowadays they’re a base for all kinds of topping Mince, Ham, Carrot courgette II Freshly caught from the sea steamed till its just falling apart and served up with parsley or lemon butter […]

  • Home cooking

    #promptuarium #home #cooking I Classical scholars sat in ivory towers will tell you – being far away there’s nothing better than the tastes of home II Preparation for the evening meal is everything – Peeled and chopped and ready – for roasting, grilling, baking or boiling of course – salad greens? just need rinsing and […]

  • Neon Carrot

    No denying the dish of the day every rabbit around has been after one since the man in the spaceship planted nine hundred and ninety nine Colourful seeds in the abandoned field a whole host of wildlife had a share from radishes to lettuce – with their extra special glow rabbits enjoyed the carrots of […]

  • Wabbit


    #promptuarium #rabbit At the bottom of the field , there’s a rabbit Who’s height nearly blocks out the sun His shadow covers most of the vegetable patch And to the farmer that isn’t much fun But he’s tricky this tall furry rabbit Can’t be shot at and turned into chops For as soon as the […]

  • Things people grow

    Things people grow

    Selection of things grown – around the house #nasturtiums #daffodils

  • Things with the letter C

    Things with the letter C

    In response to https://ceenphotography.com/cees-challenges/fun-foto-challenge/ Starting off with a Colourful one, taken at a session of the photography group Basic Clicks – Six Colourful Carrots on Blue Canvas! here’s a couple of interesting Cutlery pieces – the first is of four forks against a wall,  – i liked the shadows created in this pic. Combination of ideas […]

  • Neon carrot 🥕

    Neon carrot 🥕

    The brightest vegetable to be seen….