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  • Sweet N Sour

    #food #cuisine I’m off on a culinary adventure to a spot where magic is made with Meat , Fish or even Tofu merging with spices and flavours of the east colours familiar mixing with smells of the orient and merging with taste sensations spices , tangy and sweet enveloping the crispy batter around the meat […]

  • The Grill

    The Grill

    #Greek #Cuisine #Salford #Quays You can get hungry, walking the labyrinth of paths located by my home town reminds me of a sunny coastal place by the med and on a patch of green there’s a familiar spot where holiday treats are served as meat and veg meet with chips and tzatziki and enjoyed on […]

  • Spaghetti

    Salford 3rd February 2020 #food #acrostic #spaghetti #bolognaise Sent headlong into the boiling water Pasta long and thin took a bit of a hot bath As it did, the concoction it was being served with Gradually came together, as minced beef met up in a Hot tomato jacuzzi with onion , carrot and mushroom Eventually, […]

  • Take me there

    Authentic give me a taste of italy wi fresh pasta, tomatoes and herbs make that sauce sing serve it up with grated Parmesan and lemon and juicy green olives taking me to Napoli or Bologna without the need of a plane ticket

  • Calzone

    Salford 13th April 2018 Bella Italia , Lowry outlet mall, Salford Quays Take a pizza base Make it nice and thick Cover it in the richest tomatoes You can lay your hands on Red bell peppers and juicy onions add meats of your choosing Or even more veg Throw in a little pesto if you […]

  • zingy! (Sweet n sour)

    Zing! i don’t know what it is… but theres summat in that there chicken and rice that gives it a special kind of Zing with each mouthful , senses bring the dish to life aromas, sweet, peppery and sour drift up the nose as if to say. I m so Zesty aromas of spice chicken, […]