Something to note when you next go into the supermarket that durum wheat spaghetti you picked off the shelf for a really cheap price probably has a more local flavour than Milan or Turin Although they’ve stuck to recipe – noted chefs will tell you – the product hasn’t seen hair of a Dock orContinue reading “Authentic”

Ode to a sandwich

Salford, 6th August So, here we are, with a noble invention A combination of ingredients Now brought together, with love tween two slices of bread Daintily paired, meats and vegetables When required –  sauces or spices It’s what you might call – a matter of taste Combining flavour and texture – the eater Happy inContinue reading “Ode to a sandwich”

Transformation II

Transformation in the kitchen magic is performed as yellow butter white sugar brown flour some eggs and mixed fruit join together in harmony with the aid of nutmeg, cinnamon and mixed space   popped in the oven and left to combine they jump about in the warm and become solid or baked forming a mostContinue reading “Transformation II”