Hot Dogs

#writeclub #San-san #Summer #Hotdogs Sat on a sunlounger munching a snack as you try for the perfect tan the aim of the week, trying to achieve the colour of the food you are eating while lying there wearing your ray-bans but its wise to remember – indeed learn when its time to rise from the …

Mashed Potato

#Syntax #Poetryclub #Food #Potato #Mash Photo by Rachel Loughman on Here you go – You’ve been waiting for that time when the bubbles around the spuds disappear The water goes diving, Normally the spuds would be heading for the oven but not today Numbers of spuds become a single thing with the help of …


#Fowc #Barbecue Best Beef Sausages Are happily sizzling over Roasting hots coals Beefburgers drip hot fat in Expectation of sizzling onions Currently cooking on a skillet, while Up on the far table – next to the sesame seeded buns Every kind of sauce and relish imaginable – they’ve even got Curry!

Hole in the Road

Alternate title – “An Ode to Roadworks” A hole appeared from nowhere the size of a cricket ball Test match players denied they sent a ball there I watch out of a window as vans pull up and men in orange overalls share a thermos – the first of many they’re guarding the hole Some …

Over the Coals

several sausages sizzle in the Noonday Sun awaiting a bap Hamburgers announce readiness with aroma as the coals they glow Seasonings ? Brown or Red Little people line up in Anticipation and over the grill the most important question onions or pickles?—by-InkdropK