Hole in the Road

Character, Food, Industrial, Transport, Travel

Alternate title – “An Ode to Roadworks”


A hole appeared from nowhere

the size of a cricket ball

Test match players denied

they sent a ball there


Some say the hole – has the power of atlas

as it halts mighty juggernauts

travelling down the main road

Supermarket shelves – lie barren


Lorry drivers watch in despair

as men from the ministry

stand with umbrellas, motionless in rain

waiting for the magic machine – to fill the hole


And as tailbacks form – the rain fills the hole

and drivers diverted to diversions of a teacup

a place to rest the wheels

halted by the hole


So drivers slow down

and come to a stop

as transport café sausage barms

for luncheon they pop.


Travel decisions secondary

whilst people stand like horse

more important decisions here

onions and brown sauce ?