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  • Kleftiko


    It takes time to cook as King of the greek menu lounging around in slow bath of tomatoes, onions and potatoes enveloping the smells and tastes of lemon fresh feta cheese and oregano traditionally made this way for years its slow cooked to let the meat fall off the bone, and infuse in all those […]

  • Plum

    Perpetually found in a christmas pudding luscious fruit sweet, with a stone in the middle usually found in a jar in a jam or made into a sauce and served with Dim Sum

  • Orchestrate

    #Wordpress Prompts #Orchestrate 10th April 2020 The pan – the arena for potatoes carrots and cabbage to star in a theatrical number with the humble tomato dancing around in a pool of delicious stock releasing flavours and aromas into the air stock cubes and herbs await stage left but their arrival has to be timed […]

  • Spaghetti

    Salford 3rd February 2020 #food #acrostic #spaghetti #bolognaise Sent headlong into the boiling water Pasta long and thin took a bit of a hot bath As it did, the concoction it was being served with Gradually came together, as minced beef met up in a Hot tomato jacuzzi with onion , carrot and mushroom Eventually, […]

  • Zingy!

    Zing! Zesty yellow lemons ๐Ÿ‹ infuse a certain something, when navigating the crispy coating of a cod or plaice got to admit .. its fresh in flavour, yes .. I will have some more! zingy red chilli ๐ŸŒถ is just the thing, when bringing out the flavour of ๐Ÿ– Note though, add too much and […]