#WWP #Brush bringing a splash of colour to the white canvas reds blues and greens mingle creating something most pleasing to the donors eye artist imagination (or perhaps water) – the only obstacle to transferring the vision to the board Making a mess ? he doesn’t think so all art is subjective when you lookContinue reading “Brush”

Painting by Numbers

#Art #Poetry #Writeclub Maybe i’ll never be a Picasso…. and Lowry’s paintings are safe from my brush reality is whilst i can do a bit of a sketch keeping to the borders with my HB Pencil its getting the colours on the canvas right – that’s why the numbers on the pre-printed board are greatContinue reading “Painting by Numbers”


I Building blocks of different shape and colour Teach all sorts of useful skill And its lots of fun when they fall over II They might call you a marvel of language but you’ve got to engage with the locals if you want to order your lunch III Your eye is the best judge butContinue reading “Practice”


#Fowc #Combine I. Baking Take your favourite root vegetable add it with some fat, flour, and a sugar for sweetness put some additional berries or nuts stir in, and stick in the oven when ready – retrieve – cut up and enjoy II. Art Trying to get the colour of flowers in the garden isn’tContinue reading “Combine”


#fowc #sketchy Some say, there’s the start of a masterpiece in that notebook of hers Kept in a top draw of her work desk End pieces for show ? No, but look beyond the layers of random doodle There’s the beginnings of something that Could be talked about by art critics for many years toContinue reading “Sketchy”

Man on the corner

Salford, 24th September 2018 Sat on the corner, a man sits with his pencils, paper and paints lovingly capturing local life for years he’s being perfecting his craft only using the same palette of colours to bring reality of the places he draws in pencil or charcoal to life


Salford 12th June 2018 Cognitive act of great effort noting and transferring the idea and vision carefully to canvas using colourful media equal care given to the objects around the main subject not forgetting the sun or the sky taking attention to each shade of blue transferred reality is – there’s plenty of them asContinue reading “Concentration”