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  • Do i like mustard?

    #socs #closeeyesandpoint now here’s something for a Saturday Afternoon apparently there’s more mustard in the world than custard \ i dont mind if its on a burger – or hidden away in some sauce or dish, but it surprised me to find out (thanks to the elves @ QI) that i’d been eating variants of […]

  • Every kind of potato

    Every kind of potato

    How’d you like your spuds ? , lass, I say, How’d you like your spuds Boiled or Mashed ? Baked or fried with spices and vinegar liberally applied ? Perhaps you’ll like them roasted with herbs or chilli scattered served alongside a lovely fish thats been breaded or perhaps battered Maybe you’ll eat em in […]

  • Beefburgers

    Balanced Exquisitely between two halves of Extremely seeded sunflower buns Fully loaded beef patties, grilled to perfection Backed up with fried onion, lettuce and tomatoes Under the bap … sauces of your choosing, Right royal mix of ketchup, mustard and mayo Granted you don’t have to have all three and Everybody knows the gherkin is […]

  • Wabbit


    #promptuarium #rabbit At the bottom of the field , there’s a rabbit Who’s height nearly blocks out the sun His shadow covers most of the vegetable patch And to the farmer that isn’t much fun But he’s tricky this tall furry rabbit Can’t be shot at and turned into chops For as soon as the […]

  • The Art of a sandwich

    Edible Some say it begins with a loaf of bread, nicely sliced – type – to your preference – two slices next – comes the spread – butter, margarine, salad cream or sandwich spread dedicated sandwich makers always go for the mayo when that’s been applied, on goes the salad, lettuce cucumber tomato If you […]

  • View from a window

    View from a window

    A piece inspired by the above artwork, created by me @ BASIC – Brain and Spinal Injury Centre, Salford, UK I’m sat in my room, which overlooks the garden.  As I look straight ahead, I can see a swathe of green in front of me. In lines of four, either light or dark green are two […]