#fowc #churlish Salford, 30th August 2019 A response for fandangos prompt, taken from a memory Now that’s a fine way to act, as you sit with your arms crossed on the corner of the cobbled street. throwing a strop and calling people names is really lady like – isn’t it ? I’ve seen you pullContinue reading “Churlish”

Man on the corner

Salford, 24th September 2018 Sat on the corner, a man sits with his pencils, paper and paints lovingly capturing local life for years he’s being perfecting his craft only using the same palette of colours to bring reality of the places he draws in pencil or charcoal to life

Two Squirrels

Promptuarium, 18th August You meet all sorts in your local park two furry vermine were scampering past the bowling green when they both sought my advice on where the tastiest seeds were “The Hazel tree is off to the west, but the Conker tree has started dropping its seeds” I told them, they paused ,Continue reading “Two Squirrels”


Lollipop #CFFC #LetterL #Lollipop Lieutenant (or inspector ?) sits on the corner of Trafford and Regent Road looking out for local hoods its possible – he could have had a sugar rush playing around with his favourite sweet on occasion making eyes with the popular girls walking by – “who loves ya baby?”

(Zebra) Crossing

Salford, 4th January 2017 in response to the prompt Crossing Another day walking down Salford’s streets networks of transport – getting round’s a treat but something’s made me smile this new year creating a grin from to ear to ear Clopping across the tarmacadam covered road making his way from his towerblock abode A noble striped horse –Continue reading “(Zebra) Crossing”


  Local Location : Ordsall Park, Salford, UK Call it a Green Island in a Sea of Concrete A good place for a football game Trees of varying type scatter this wonderous island of Green swings and climbing frames keep youngsters amused whilst older kids send footballs into the northern air as the local wildlifeContinue reading “Local”

The Time’s my own

In response to the prompt Nothin’ But A Good Time 20th January 2016 If I had a free day tomorrow and the weather was fine, I’d pack my camera, wallet and a picnic lunch and take myself on a Train Ride. My National Travel Card gives me access to the Buses either free or atContinue reading “The Time’s my own”