Salford, 14th November 2019 #fowc #can Container – made of Aluminium – containing something Nice, Fruity and Fizzy Cornucopia of flavours held back by A steel ring pull Now Chillin’ in a cool space Could be a surprise upon opening A release of the fizz under pressure Nobody knowing what happens next – take cover!

Cold Water

My latest piece for which I’ve decided to share with you all….enjoy Fresh from a Lakeland reservoir turned over by occasional waterfall a polar bears delight particularly in winter season Hitting the receptacle crisply it creates a bubble or two at the bottom bringing out the flavour of the drink it dilutes Refreshment inContinue reading “Cold Water”

Electric lime

#coloryourworld #cyw #electriclime 16th February 2017 Zingy little fruit, full of zest and flavor and powerful punch   perfect , placed in a jelly sparky flavours contained in a porcelain mould   Sparks of delight pop off on the tongue and your luminosity   Green for go ! your sign the party power switches are all turned on  

Laser lemon 🍋

#coloryourworld #cyw #laserlemon #laser-lemon light beams travel cross the water 💦 as bright yellow lemons 🍋 release their wonderful flavour through the corporation pop in the tumbler each drop 💧 releasing the fresh flavour of summer. perfect with the blue sky on green grass


Salford, 28th January 2017 A post for the weekly photo challenge – Repurpose Things reused for not what they were supposed to be… This can be illustrated nicely in my office cum bedroom   Its a Tin, an old biscuit tin….regular readers of my blog might recognise it – but a couple of Christmas’s ago,Continue reading “Repurpose”

Mango Tango

#coloryourworld #cyw #mangotango Maybe it was love at first sight As the juice bar music 🎶 played on A mango entered into a dance 💃 with a fruity little thing a distant cousin of the orange 🍊 A whirlwind romance creating something colourful fresh and zesty in mister baristas mixing machine