Salford 19 September 2019 #fowc #nebulous Noted – you’re in a bit of a haze over this…but every cloud has its silver lining born out of a culinary experiment that went amiss up to the adding of the popping candy, everything looked fine – till the batter mix leaped out of the pan and landedContinue reading “Nebulous”


#Fowc #Food # Turnover Salford 15th April 2019 A tale of an Apple Turnover This is a bit of a wonder Undeniable – the baker is a bit of a marvel Ripe apples transformed into a take home delight Nice eaten hot with custard Or cold with a bit of icecream Varieties exist – someContinue reading “Turnover”

Human shaped

Salford 21st December 2018 Expectant faces watched as Mum and dad mixed the ingredients in a bowl And as the mix formed and rolled out on the table Eager hands aimed to create a family Out of gingerbread Dad looked smaller than mum Whilst James loomed over his little brother But all were smiling AsContinue reading “Human shaped”

Masterpiece ii

Masterpiece  Made from the finest beef And vegetables fresh from the north of england Something stupendous has been prepared Transforming the ingredients into something that Excites the tastebuds, as meat and potato dance Round the pan with carrots and leeks Pepper, salt and herbs In a tango to  Excite the senses Coming together on theContinue reading “Masterpiece ii”


Unfurl A summer morning, Worsley woods, west of Manchester the sun just peaking through the nest of trees circle of tents in various spots and a scout leader starting the beginnings of an altar fire little faces pop out of the niger tents to grab a view breakfast served at 8 am sharp but first,Continue reading “Flagbreak”


Conjure Crafting a dessert, is a bit of a magic trick Oranges sliced and pineapples diced get laid in a dish, and Next comes the syrup and then the batter, before the dish is covered in foil Just before the dish is put in the oven – four holes are made to let out steamContinue reading “Conjure”