Watching Angel

#WDYS Its not as if you missed him at Christmas but when you put all the decorations away at twelfth night – a couple of them found resting places around the house so kids , you’d best be on your behaviour best for this crack team – won’t be put to the test and ifContinue reading “Watching Angel”

Forward planning

#Holidays Christmas and new year are formally over and winters gone to town its made me think of warm places where the sand is soft and brown and the sea is brilliant aqua blue and the waters are clear as can be while little fish nibble away at your feet for something for their teaContinue reading “Forward planning”


#fowc #play Play , they say is important in a little ones life and with christmas there’s plenty to engage with yet – what do you find them playing with? Possibly – it’ll be the blocks lined around the living room and perhaps – it could be the teddy bears yet , no it’s notContinue reading “Play”


#Fowc #integral #Food In the middle of the dining room table Nut roast , Goose, Chicken, Lamb, Beef or Turkey The centrepiece of the Christmas Lunch Every vegetable imaginable surrounding it Gravy boats, Sauces, Napkins and the special silver makes it a Right royal feast And for afters – if there’s room – a LovelyContinue reading “Integral”


#writephoto #toybox #Christmas #toybox #writephoto The christmas toys lay scattered on the floor of the playroom yet over in the corner – a solution sat bear was waiting to greet the blocks and other fun stuff – freshly unwrapped while little un played xylophone – the others headed inside


#christmas the preparation for the festivities has been a little different this year but it hasn’t stopped little uns writing off to mr claus all is quiet on the street outside but if you listen beyond the double glazing you might hear the sound of a sleigh bell or two while vegetables are being peeledContinue reading “Festive”


#Fowc #Tempting You’ve tried all year to keep that seaside bod but now from festive cheer the toned physique you flaunted at summer is attacked with wine and beer there’s every kind of cake and pudding inside that cupboard of yours and biscuits, cake and gingerbread men to bite and chomp and gnaw The ChristmasContinue reading “Tempting”

Snowy Peaks

#writephoto Somewhere up here , there’s a Number of sheep, celebrating the holidays Of course – among the white stuff you’ll only spot em When they move about Yet, at the moment – they’re blending in Shepherds keep an eye on the length of the pastures grass as over time – where the sheep areContinue reading “Snowy Peaks”